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I don't think it is fair of me to post stars, because I combined this recipe with another of your rice recipes to try something new. I cooked the same amount of brown rice in a cup or two of coconut milk, and only used an ounce of sugar. I think that 120g would be far too much...Because it seemed pretty sweet on its own after adding all the nuts and fruit, I didn't add the dressing of oil and honey, either. I also toasted the nuts before mixing them in, to give them more flavour. BUT the concept of mixing all these "treasures" into the rice was not lost on my appreciative audience! Oh, and one more thing: I think that one must dissolve all the sugar into the water before adding the rice, otherwise the sugar sinks to the bottom and burns/caramelises on the bottom of the pot with some of the rice, so you get less rice and it turns out a bit crunchy.

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briosgaid July 27, 2004
Eight Treasures Rice