Eight Peppercorn Blend

READY IN: 15mins
Recipe by Abby Girl

I have a friend who will search out my cupboards for this peppercorn blend when I have her over for dinner. She was most pleased when I gave her a batch for Christmas. I have adapted this recipe from a couple of sources and came up with this

Top Review by Cathy Billingham

This is a must-have in our kitchen. I have to watch my daughter as she has been known to raid my spice cabinet when her supply (which I make) has run out. Does wonderful things to roast beef and grilled steak, but can be used almost wherever you would use regular pepper. Thanks for posting, Abby Girl.

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  1. In a small skillet over medium heat, add the szechuan peppercorns and toast, stirring occastionally, about 2 - 4 minutes.
  2. Transfer the peppercorns to a measuring cup and cool.
  3. Combine rest of ingredients and grind the pepper mixture, working in small batches.
  4. Note My peppercorn shaker does not grind the black peppercorns down enough for my taste and I can end up with large chunks. Using a mini food processor, I will coarsely grind these first then add them to the rest of the ingredients and coarsely grind them again (keeping in mind, that your peppercorn grinder will make a finer grind).

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