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Due to some ingredient availability constraints, I was not able to make this exactly as written, but it was awesome nonetheless! I used a black cherry/concord grape blend for the 2 cups of juice; I used freshly ground almonds and pecans; and since I couldn't find the candied almonds I soaked some whole almonds in water for a couple of hours and then dredged them in a mixture of powdered sugar and cinnamon. No pomegranates available, so I used raspberries instead. It was awesome, especially while it was still warm. I can hardly wait to make this again. I'll have to invent an occasion as an excuse to do this again! Thanks for posting Elmotoo!

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Glori-B April 17, 2010

I was enticed to make this dish by the posted photo using strawberries, which I used as well. This was a fast and delicious dessert. I always feel a little better about giving the kids sweets when they lean toward the healthy side like this. This is something I would be pleased to serve guests. Thank you for posting it!

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UmmIbrahim January 20, 2010

This was a wonderful change from ordinary couscous. I substituted strawberries for pomegranate seeds. Since I was using strawberries I used strawberry-banana juice for my fruit juice. Instead of pistachio & almonds I used walnuts. A very good recipe, thanks.

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Nasseh May 11, 2008

I really liked this recipe. I had never had couscous before I made it. I used it for a class project on Egypt and everyone who tried it loved it. I made two batches when I made it and I think I used Apple Juice with one and Pomegranate Juice with other, so that the people who tried it had a flavor option.:-)

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artzgurl24 January 20, 2008

This was delicious. We all loved it. It was a little on the sweet side for me, not the kids of course but that goes with the region, and is very easily adjusted. I found some whole wheat couscous which I used for this dish. The pomegranate was not in season so I tore up some raspberries that I had, It turned out great. This is quick and very easy to make and we'll surely be having this again. Thank you for the great recipe.

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Marlitt June 13, 2007

Made for PAC, Spring 07 ~ What an unusual experience making this UNUSUAL & tasty dessert! This was the first time I made my own rose water [& will be looking for other recipes which include it as an ingredient]! The pomegranate seeds would have made it even more special, & I'll use them when I make this another time! This is very much a 'rave' dessert, & I can attest when I allowed some neighbors to taste it! Thanks much for the post!

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Sydney Mike April 25, 2007

Awesome! I used pomegranate juice and raspberries and gluten free rice couscous. For the candied almonds I caramelized some blanched almonds with honey in a skillet. DH and I absolutely loved it, and I'm particularly thrilled how easy this is to make. This will be a keeper! Thanks so much for sharing :)
Made for Visit Egypt / N*A*M*E Forum May 2012

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Mia in Germany May 04, 2012

Another incarnation and opportunity for me to enjoy coucous. I made a tiny batch for two and the results were downright scrumptious. As presented this was a wee bit sweet for me so I cut the amount a bit and used Splenda to cut the calories a bit. Similarly I used light butter. These are fairly typical substitutions for me and ones for which my palatte is accustomed. I really enjoyed the way the flavors of the nuts, fruit and rose water came together. For the fruit juice I used a combination of pomegranate and guava. (The guava juice said manufactured in Egypt so I thought it would work.) After much searching, I gave up on finding pomegranate seeds and in consultation with the posting chef used diced dried cherries soaked overnight in pomegranate juice. They were delicious but not especially attractive so I eventually mixed them right into the couscous befor serving. Thanks Elmotoo.

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justcallmetoni June 13, 2007

Oop's, I made this a couple of days ago, got involved with a movie and forgot about reviewing it. This worked out perfectly as I had ask DH to grab a few pieces of fruit at the store and he brought home 2 pomegranate's! I did have to skip the candied almonds because I don't have any so I just used a few almond slices. It all came out purely delightful and much enjoyed. Made for North Africa/Middle East Tag.

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Annacia January 06, 2013
Egyptian Sweet Couscous Dessert