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What a nice side dish and a great way to use some of the ripe tomatoes in my garden. I took chef 502866's advice and roasted the peppers before adding into tomato-onion mixture. Served this with chicken & sausage kabobs, mushroom risotto and crusty bread. What a feast!

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Clean Plate Club August 28, 2008

This was good and I'm giving it 4 stars because I'm sure I made some mistakes in making it. But i didnt love it as much the others. I was expecting the tomatoes to hold their structure and mine came out a bit too watery...I will, however, try to make it again, and see if adding the tomatoes at the end and cooking them for just a bit, helps with the texture.

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RehReh October 09, 2007

Hi, I love this. But I made a few minor changes - I only used yellow, red and orange peppers. I sliced the peppers in half, grilled them and blackened the skins, popped them in a plastic bag and let the skins steam off. I also skinned and seeded the tomatoes. I didn't add the peppers until after the tomatoes and then just allowed the peppers to cook for the last 10 minutes. I served it to my vegetarian friend, at room temperature (the salad, not my friend) on italian style griddled bread rubbed with olive oil and garlic. Not very Egyptian I know, but it was just sublime. Thank you.

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donnafenley June 09, 2007

The name of this dish attracted me!! I found it really tasty and easy to prepare. The second time I made it, I used only red peppers, I brushed them with olive oil and charred the skins under the grill. I prepared the rest of the dish as per your recipe, and at the last minute when the tomato mixture was still hot, added some torn basil and the peppers which I found easy to peel. A sprinkling of cumin and everything was ready. I served this as an accompanient to some grilled marinated chicken. The salad was served at room temperature with lots of crusty French bread to enjoy the fabulous juices. Thanks so much for this one Daniele!

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Scots Lass/Cairo October 22, 2006

I like how versatile this appears to be. I cut the recipe in half, and I had no tomato juice (or sauce--just lots of tomatoes) or green peppers, so I just used what sweet peppers I had in the fridge, 1.5 onions, and three tomatoes and a handful of cherry tomatoes that had been forgotten and were getting soft, and some mushrooms that needed to be used. Made the whole kitchen smell fantastic. Next time, I'll serve this with rice. (Seemed plenty juicy without the tomato juice.)

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anonymous23 September 03, 2006
Egyptian Salad