Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 25 mins

This is a must have dish cooked in egypt with any kind of fish very easy and tasty and you have a choice of adding tiny pieces of shrimp to it or cumin or even raisins


  1. cook onion in the oil till it is dark brown but not burned (very important not to burn the onions).
  2. add the rice stir and the water and salt (as i said you could put a small spoon of cumin or a handful of raisins or prawns).
  3. boil then put on very low heat till the rice is cooked.


Most Helpful

Yeah this is very nice when having fish. However,I use vegetable soup stock instead of water,following my mother in law's method. It's not a must but you can try it if you like,even only once. However I think I am going to try using water and adding some cinnamon and find out the difference.

Chef Nourshe September 14, 2008

traditionaly egyptians add a teaspoon of cinamon to this recipe while the rice is boiling. it's lovely with fish and tihina.

Maya's Mama August 17, 2006

I would advice against the Cinnamon I feel it is too strong for the Rice, try cumin to enhance the taste and some raisin and unsalted cashews for texture, try also to fry little bit of garlic with the onion.

Ramy Sameh July 22, 2013

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