Egyptian Fried Eggs With Pastrami

Total Time
Prep 2 mins
Cook 10 mins

This is an egyptian classic!! Perfect for breakfast on a cold winter morning. Serve with warmed pitta. Adapted from:


  1. Fry pastrami in the skillet with the cooking oil or spray. (about 30 seconds a side).
  2. Careful: will become crisp+burnt fast!
  3. Turn to cook both sides, then add eggs, beaten or whole.
  4. When eggs are set, remove to serving dish and season to taste. Garnish with fruit or as desired.
  5. Take care to not overcook the bastirma, as it will turn bitter.
Most Helpful

Give this recipe the sexy name it deserves Basterma! Dried cured beef with just the right spices salted and cut paper thin! I make mine with just a lil olive oil and then a lil butter and add the eggs. Breakfast of Kings and Queens ;). But seriously I will edit this part out but I just want to say that pastrami is nothing like basterma and people should definitely try to hunt down the real thing. I know zaar doesn't recognize the word but maybe put it in the title and put Pastrami in ( ) with a description of the meat. Eventually maybe zaar will add the ingredient. :)

Jamilahs_Kitchen September 03, 2009