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This was really, really good! It was gobbled up quickly by my hungry family and some guests, as an appetizer before a dinner party. I did make a few substitutions: instead of pita, I used my own Whole Wheat Flatbread. I also used Homemade Yogurt (since I discovered this, I will never buy store-bought yogurt again!) And since my garden is under snow and ice, there will be no more fresh mint until early summer :-( so instead I used fresh flat-leaf parsley. I also used two cans of garbanzo beans instead of soaking and cooking dry beans. All told, I don't think my substitutions changed the final outcome very much. I also used a standard fluted coffee filter instead of cheesecloth to make my yogurt thicker, placed in a colander, in a bowl, in the refrigerator. OK -- that's all my changes! :-) Thanks for a delish dish, Cookgirl! Made for NAME Tag!

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Susiecat too January 25, 2008

A major hit with the family! I used 1 bag of dried chickpeas which said would make 10x.25c servings (2.5c) 1.5c dried should yield about 3 c. so i cooked the whole thing & had more than i really wanted. i mooshed up half with my tater masher instead of the food processor so it was a bit rustic. I didn't have any coffee filters or cheesecloth so i used a double portion of paper towels!! it worked! That sauce packs a PUNCH! It really brings the recipe together. It is SO FILLING!!! This is a great inexpensive vegetarian dish. Thanks, CG! Made for NA/ME Tag 8/2013

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Elmotoo August 13, 2013

I had to improvise a bit due to ingredient shortage, but I followed the recipe for the most part. I loved the lightness that the lemon treatment on the pita added. Yum! I thought I wouldn't like the pita to be crispy but it balanced out the textures of the rest of the dish really nicely. I am a fan! Delightful! This was filling enough for a meal to me. I have leftovers separated for lunch tomorrow. Veg Swap Oct '11

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Hadice October 23, 2011
Egyptian Fattet Salad (Layered Chickpea Salad)