Eggs in Bell Pepper Rings

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 10 mins

I saw this posted on faithless daughter and thought it was a clever idea that should be shared here. annacia had some problems so im going to edit to hopefully fix

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  1. Put bell pepper rings in a pan that has the butter melted in it. saute for a coupla minutes with lid on on low to desired doneness of bell pepper
  2. Put thin slices of tomato inside ring.
  3. Break egg into 1 ring.
  4. Salt and pepper.
  5. Put dill on top of egg. I think basil, parsley, or chives would work also.
  6. you can put some shredded cheese on here if you wish
  7. Cover with lid and cook until yolk is hard. You may need a little water, like 1 teaspoon, to steam. Some of the yolks were soft so it must be to a person's preference.
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Love the idea and flavor but found it difficult to get the eggs cooked beyond a very soft boil stage without the tomato burning and the pepper rings never really cooked at all. I used a slow temp, added the water and put on a lid at once. I'm sure that I'll try this again but I'll microwave the pepper rings for 10-15 seconds before using and likely have the tomato on the side. I added a bit of shredded cheese just before serving and that was yummy. Thanks Dee for sharing.