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What a fun breakfast for the whole family. My husband even loved it. He said it reminded him of his childhood. His grandma used to make soemthing like this only she called it "bird's nest". Okay, I usually try to follow recipes exactly, but went into the cupboard for punkin pie spice and didn't have any. I used cinnamon instead and it turned out fantastic. I added cheese on top of the eggs for the kiddos. Served with a little sugar free maple syrup for dipping. I made my box with only egg white and that was also great. Thanks for a super fun and easy breakfast.

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seesko October 06, 2008

Don't like the sugar and cin. And if you fry the bread on one side first then flip and add the egg yolk it is much better. My dad was Italian and they call it man on a raft.

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dodygary December 03, 2013
Eggs in a Box