Eggplant with Capcisum, Mushroom And Feta Cheese

Total Time
Prep 29 mins
Cook 30 mins

From the latest WEEKEND magazine. Did you know that red capsicums are known as the "caviar of vegetables" and are even higher in Vitamin C than their green counterparts! They are also a good source of Vitamin A which helps heal wounds quickly and strengtens one's immune system. Capsicums contain a reasonable amount of folate and vitamin B6. They are excellent for those watching their weight. To enhance the body's absorption of Vitamin C contained in capsicums, one must eat 'em with iron-rich foods.

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  1. Heat a little butter.
  2. Stir-fry the onions until soft and golden brown.
  3. Remove from flame.
  4. Then, fry mushrooms until well-browned.
  5. Remove from heat.
  6. Keep aside.
  7. Add a little more butter.
  8. Saute the red capsicum.
  9. Remove from flame.
  10. Keep aside.
  11. Heat some oil in a frying pan.
  12. Shallow-fry the eggplant until golden in colour and cooked on both sides.
  13. Drain on an absorbent paper towel.
  14. Wipe the frying pan completely with an absorbent paper towel.
  15. Arrange the eggplant on a flat dish.
  16. Arrange onion rings over it.
  17. Arrange the capsicum over it.
  18. Combine the sauteed mushrooms, feta cheese and thyme.
  19. Sprinkle the combined mixture over the capsicum.
  20. Garnish with chopped parsley.
  21. Pour a little olive oil before serving.


Most Helpful

I hate to say it.. but we didn't care for this one. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't something we'll eat again. We felt the different vegetables gave it an interesting consistency (which is important to us) but the flavors didn't blend into something we liked :-( If I made this again I might add sliced kalamata olives.

Teddy's Mommy February 13, 2008

I really enjoyed this. It makes a great warm salad type dish. Sauteing everything separately is worthwhile. The eggplant has an almost meaty BBQ taste and the onions and mushrooms complement this well giving the dish a bit of substance. I would tend to use less butter in favour of a monounsaturated oil next time. This recipe could be done on a BBQ very successfully too. Good recipe Charishma!

Missy Wombat April 07, 2003

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