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IMPORTANT: To get the best texture and flavor, it's important to salt and sweat the eggplant before you bake it. It's easy. Just sprinkle slices with salt of choice and give them 20-30 mins to pull the moisture out. Once they're done, rinse and pat them dry. They are now ready to bread and bake! I didn't use Italian seasoning (don't like one of the spices in it), so I just mixed in some Basil, Oregano, and Thyme. You can use a smaller baking dish, you don't need a 9X13 if you're creating 3 layers. I served this on whole wheat angel hair and instead og canned tomato sauce, I used a jar of pasta sauce. I'll definitely make it again. The first time I made this recipe I didn't salt the eggplant and it was very tough. When I made it again with that change, it tasted like restaurant quality eggplant parmesan.

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danakscully64 December 09, 2009

This makes a great sandwich on a 1 point "Deli Flatbread" that is available now! Yum!!!

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jkmcnult August 31, 2009

Loved it, except my eggplant was pretty tough, I even took the extra step of sweating it. Oh well, maybe it was my eggplant. I'll try cooking it a little longer next time and test a bite for tenderness. The flavors were wonderful. I think these would make a great sandwich filling. Thanks for sharing this very simple, delicious recipe.

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Lucky in Bayview March 02, 2015

I am giving this recipe 3 stars only because I think it technically worked and was edible but I found it very bland overall. I followed the recipe to the t but I did add the step of sweating the eggplant before breading it. I think this would be better with more added seasonings to the italian bread crumbs and a regular pasta sauce as opposed to the plain tomato sauce. The texture came out nicely so I may try it again with some more seasoning... I think I'd also incorportate zuchini slices to bulk up the recipe a bit.

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Chef ChelseaBuns January 11, 2013

Very tasty and will make this again! I followed the recipe except for the suggestion of sweating the eggplant, used garlic italian bread crumbs, and Lidia's Chucky Eggplant Marinara. I also had a few veggies I needed to use before spoiling, so while layering items, I added baby spinach leaves and mushrooms on top of each layer of eggplant (photo submitted). I used exactly the amount of sauce and mozarella cheese as called for and my photo looks different than the other submission. This recipe does NOT lack in flavor and it's healthy - can't beat that!

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Southern Lady July 19, 2012

Would never have guessed this is a healthy dish! Followed danakscullyt64's advise and "sweated" the eggplant. Sliced the eggplant before I realized I should have peeled it. Didn't seem to hurt at all to leave the skin on. From Renae C.'s advise, I baked it on a cookie sheet for 15 minutes on each side. To finish baking with the sauce and cheese, I used a 7 x 11 glass dish and had just enough for two layers. Excellent!

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Little_Sister November 25, 2011

This was very easy to make and tasted fabulous. The only change that I made was to use gluten free breadcrumbs. This baked up very nicely.

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JustDrea81 August 09, 2011

Made this yesterday and it was fantastic. I cut my eggplant a little thick, but baked about 20 mins on each side and layered in 8 x 8 pan. I also added a little extra tomato sauce and cheese. I will definitely make this again.

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cindy6250 July 21, 2010

Love it. Super easy eggplant parm recipe that I can do on a weeknight. Thanks for posting!

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I Cook Therefore I Am June 06, 2010

I'm still learning to like eggplant... even grew a few in the garden this year and I'm trying WW. First bite was bitter but after that it was fine. My husband cut up the leftovers into rice I believe and it was great

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karen in tbay October 30, 2009
Eggplant Parmigiana - Weight Watchers