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Quite good, thanks, Mia! Made as directed. I gave some to my neighbor, a vegetarian, and she loved it, too! Served over brown rice. For WT8

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pammyowl August 20, 2012

Very tasty, although mine was pretty spicy because I forgot to seed the chiles before chopping them. I ate this with some naan (wanted rice, but didn't have enough time). I really enjoyed this, though. Thanks for posting! Made for The Honeys for ZWT8

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Muffin Goddess August 24, 2012

1st of my eggplant dishes that are going in freezer. a friend gave me 30 eggplant ! this is a mild good tasting curry ,if you are used to spice bump this up . i liked it very much used coconut milk from walmart . so im not getting a strong taste like i might have from canned milk ( i believe they wave coconut over top of box lol) i used a little more milk because my pan was large another good one sweetie zaar world tour 8

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Dienia B. August 16, 2012

Delicious, with the eggplant and the coconut milk blending together to form a very creamy and exotically different dish. My version was quite mildly flavoured, but I think that%u2019s because my eggplant and onions were bigger. It made like 3 big serves (4 normal serves) rather than 2 as described. Next time I may add more spice accordingly! But the flavour was really nice. I found they really came out the more I simmered it - simmered for about 25 minutes to get the eggplant to the nice creamy softness I like. Thanks a lot for posting!

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chefdownunda October 12, 2010

Made this delicious eggplant tonight to go with some grilled chicken. I used the Japanese-style eggplant because I find them more tender and I only used a green chili (jalapeno). I will definitely make this dish again soon. : )

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DailyInspiration June 15, 2015

It was ok. I substituted a bunch of ingredients because I either couldn't find the real thing or wanted a healthier alternative, like instead of using ghee I used olive oil. I didn't have the tools to grind the ginger, so I got ground ginger. I could not find brown mustard seeds so I used regular ground musatrd. I substituted basil leaves for curry leaves. For the tamarind puree, I used orange juice and a little bit of lime juice, and instead of tomato paste I used ketchup. I never made a dish with eggplant before but I didn't really like the texture. It reminded me of cooked squash and zucchini- kind of soggy and soft. I'm not really sure how this was supposed to taste, but it needed more salt, despite all the spices I added! So a little sprinkle of soy sauce on my dish was a nice add. And it was definitely missing some crunch, so the next night I reheated the leftovers and sprinkled some chow mein noodles on top- it made the texture more bearable. I probably wouldn't cook eggplant again, unless I could keep it crunchy somehow. Oh, and the coconut milk made it creamy, but tasting the coconut milk on its own wasn't pleasant! It had a bitter, chalky taste.

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WhatDoUWant2Eat June 10, 2013
Eggplant Curry (Indian)