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You would never be able to tell these werent made with beef if they were in a pot of spaghetti sauce. They were really good, I had mine on the side with a little sauce. I used fresh bread crumbs, ran out and threw in about 8 crushed crackers to top up. I rolled them when they were really moist but could form a ball and they were nice and moist after cooking too.

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Tara September 05, 2002

First, I must say that I never met a eggplant that I didn't fall in love with at first taste! I have made this recipe twice now and the first time(completely following recipe) it was good but not worth making again. This surprised me as the other reviews are rather glowing. Since I have made this writers other eggplant recipes, I remade this recipe two days later with some tweaking...1.I used freshly grated cheese. 2. I finely minced fresh onion and garlic. 3. I increased the italian herbs another 1/2tsp and did not add any salt. So you see, I really didn't change the recipe, just enhanced it. I also had to cut down the baking time. The second time around was a charm!UPDATE: 02/01/10----made these again today, for the 100th time (well, maybe not that much) but this time I left out the cheese. Did this to cut the sodium and cholesterol down. Di not even miss it! They were just as good as before and better for me.

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Happy Harry #2 March 01, 2010

These were AWESOME!! I used the food processor for the eggplant after sauteing, as several people mentioned. Very, very good, and I have tried my share of non-meat meatballs. They would be good enough to patent if they were a little more dry and not quite so fragile. Next time I will try a lower oven temp and longer cooking time, and maybe fresh garlic and onion. Amazing flavor as it though!

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49flavours February 17, 2010

These were yummy! Better then other eggplant balls I've tried with cheese in them. My Fiance hates eggplant. When I picked it up at the store he made "the face" and was all "you know I won't eat eggplant right"?. So I told him it was just for me. Made these tonight with pasta, didn't mention what they were made with (he is used to me making all kinds of vegetarian meatballs) He went back for seconds! I had to hold back a laugh. I used 2 smaller eggplant, nutritional yeast in place of parmesan and a vegan egg sub of 1 heaping tbsp bean flour 1 tbsp water per egg - worked like a charm. Baked for 40 minutes and then tossed in my sauce for another 20. With my subs it was more of a 4, but as written I'm sure it's a 5. Thanks! I'll use this one again!

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Nikoma March 30, 2011

These were delicious! I baked them for 35 minutes and then simmered in spaghetti sauce for another 20 minutes. Came out perfect!

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TJB4 November 16, 2009

This was really good. It was easy too if you use the food processor. I used this as a finger food for my infant who enjoyed it very much! DH and I enjoyed it as well! So, 5 stars for easy, healthy, and something the whole family liked!! Thanks s'kat

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jennyblender March 17, 2011

INCREDIBLE! Our family is always looking for ways to incorporate healthy, meat-free options into our menu plans and these "meat" balls were SO good! I doubled the recipe for our family of 5 to allow for leftovers and now wish I had made two double batches! I used fresh onion and garlic that I diced and added with the sweated eggplant (which I also diced before cooking). After cooking the eggplant, garlic, & onion mixture until soft, I used a food processor to cut it into finer pieces along with the bread crumbs. I used Panko bread crumbs as I had them on hand. This will be a regular in our rotation! Can't wait to try these as the meatballs on a meatball sub! Thank you so much s'kat!

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Girle August 20, 2009

A nice vegetarian substitute for traditional meatballs - the taste is right on. I'll be making these again to stock the freezer. Like others, I used minced garlic and onion, instead of powders, and mixed basil, oregano etc. for the spices. I cut back on the water for sauteing and covered the pan to retain the moisture already in the eggplant. The mixture was still moist enough that I used only one egg (or I would have needed ALOT of bread crumbs to even it out).

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PioneerValleyGirl August 30, 2009

This is a really delicious recipe. I changed the cooking process lightly to cut down on cooking time. I chopped eggplant into small cubes along with 1 small onion and some garlic and sauteed everything together until the eggplant was soft. Then I mashed it in a bowl and mixed with the remaining ingredients. I also used 1 egg, which seemed perfectly sufficient. I made them into patties instead of meatballs, which cut down on the cooking time in the oven as well. I will definitely make this again. Thanks!

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bella.cville August 13, 2009

These were a hit with both meat-eating kids and vegetarian adults! I also used fresh onion, garlic, herbs and parmesan; plus about a handful of minced almonds and walnuts. the nuts gave them a chewier texture like meat that we all liked. A great idea, thanks for sharing!

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mangomom February 28, 2009
Eggplant (Aubergine) Meatballs