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Very good cake. I used Amaretto instead of rum so it wouldn't be too strong - and it was subtle. It is nice that it did not compete with the mild eggnog flavor. I subbed 1/4 cup of the butter with applesauce, and reduced the sugar by 25%, since we don't like things too sweet. I forgot the glaze, but it actually didn't need it. This makes a nice light soft cake with 12 regular size pieces. Thanks!

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Maito December 05, 2008

I had seen this recipe on another site, and came back to Zaar for a second opinion. I fixed this exactly as written, no changes, and paid heed to the reviews and it looks incredible. There was a tiny bit that broke off the edge while I was glazing it, and from that little bite, I can tell it will be wonderful..I am taking it to an annual "after the holidays" dinner with friends tomorrow, so I haven't allowed anyone into this yet, but I'm so positive it will be wonderful. Thanks for posting.

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Peg629 January 04, 2008

For the cake I left out the dried fruit, rum, and orange zest. I made this for a church lunch and many people went back for a second slice. I got lots of complments on both looks and taste. I'm going to start making this (minus the fruit) every year. I did paint the cake with glaze (adding more rum and less orange juice). It would have still been great without the glaze, but the glaze does add a nice "bite" to the edges. I sprinkled the cake with powdered sugar and nutmeg and lightly drizzled it with caramel sauce. Next time I might garnish it with strawberries or cranberries. Also, make sure to beat the butter and sugar for a while. Otherwise you'll have a more dense and dry cake.

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ShaGun December 02, 2007

This was a wonderful cake. My husband especially loved it because he loves rum. I used dried cranberries soaked in rum, light eggnog, 1/4 tsp nutmeg and extra grated orange zest. I used fresh squeezed OJ and Meyer's dark rum in the glaze. The instructions didn't say how to prepare the bundt pan so I just spray oiled it. The cake turned out very soft and beautiful. I didn't care for the strong rum taste but I didn't expect to. I would use 2-3 times the cranberries if I make it again and make a non-rum version for myself. Thank you for the recipe! Made for Holiday Tag.

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Engrossed January 08, 2007

I searched the internet for about an hour before deciding on this recipe. It is delicious and moist. I left out the currants/raisins/etc and also omitted the orange zest. I put a simple glaze on the cake made from eggnog, powdered sugar and a dash of rum. Thanks for a great recipe...this is just what I was looking for.

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LW Taylor December 26, 2006

I chose to make this for may family to enjoy. Sorry but I can not eat this. I am allergic to citrus. Everybody like this. Well worth making. Thanks for posting this.

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BLUE ROSE November 06, 2006
Eggnog Pound Cake