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Love these cookies! I found icing them was a messy pain, so I put the icing in a plastic bag, cut a corner off and piped the icing on. Much easier! Can't wait for the holidays to make these again!

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tinkerpuppet September 11, 2010

This is my third year making these!! Yum! I am making a triple batch as I need 13 dozen for a cookie exchange. They taste wonderful.

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kerrbear November 24, 2009

Eggnog being my husband’s favorite flavor, we get many things eggnog flavored even the coffee we drink during the holidays needs this distinguished flavor. My second and third son share this love the rest of us just tolerate his addiction, taking it or just leaving it for the more passionate lovers of eggnog. So as a compliment to our coffee I thought … I wonder if there is an eggnog cookie and sure enough… my husband flipped over these, I do believe he ate the entirety of the batch in two days. I myself being some what …oh… I have to roll these…. decided with the first cookie sheet I would just drop them, and they turned out fine. I also changed the frosting a bit, used eggnog, and powdered sugar and sadly I did not have any rum extract so I used a little vanilla extract. Then carefully I sprinkled just a touch of nutmeg for extra flavor plus it looks cool. There is no doubt in my husband’s mind that I will be making them again and next time I will use rum extract.

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LB in Middle Georgia December 17, 2006

Made these for many years every Christmas and had lost my recipe. These cookies have a lovely eggnog flavour, a beautiful texture and like you say they freeze like a dream. They have always been one of the more popular cookies on my cookie trays! Thanks for posting the recipe!

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MarieRynr January 02, 2005

THANK YOU for posting this! I always make these for Christmas each year, and my recipe is gone! These are WONDERFUL frozen!

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Susan Lee January 01, 2005
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