Egg-White French Toast

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  1. In medium bowl beat egg whites well. Add milk, vanilla and cinnamon to egg whites and continue to beat.
  2. Dip bread slices into batter and coat on both sides.
  3. Cook one of the following ways: Place dipped bread in greased and heated skillet. Cook by turning a few times to brown.
  4. Or, place dipped bread on greased or oiled baking sheet. Then broil in the oven (watching closely), turning only once. (Approximately 2-3 minutes each side when placed 5 inches from broiler top).
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Verry Yummy! My 9 y/o had 7 pieces!

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5 5

Absolutely delicious! I used almond milk and added a splash of vanilla creamer as well as a dash of nutmeg and cloves. They came out great, I let the bread sit in the mixture and absorb it fully because it was really moist when I cooked them in the skillet. Will definitely make again when I have a French toast craving.