Egg & Scallion Fried Rice

READY IN: 35mins
Recipe by Elmotoo

Mad craving that came out insanely tasty. Ingredients are approximate because I didn't measure much which is why most things say 'to taste,' lol. I didn't include cooking or cooling time for the rice. Cooking time will depend on your method of cooking & cooling will depend as well. I set mine in my cool basement for 1/2 hour or so. I say 8-10 servings because my family of 4 each had 2nds. But each serving was probably 1c or more. ;)

Top Review by rosie316

Made this last week for dinner. Very quick and easy. I love the simplicity (almost too simple) LOL :). Excellent for in a "hurry up side" or for a beginner chef. I didn't realize until after I made it and started the review tonight that my dear friend, pammyowl, had made this also. Then it dawned on me... of our discussion about whether or not to add peas when she was making it. Funny thing, I added peas to it, as well. Very nice base for fried rice. I never added sesame seeds before (and probably won't again), but that is personal preference. Maybe you should list it as "optional". All in all, a nice side dish. Thank you for posting your recipe. Made for Culinary Quest 2014 - Suitcase Gourmets.

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  1. Cook rice. I used a rice steamer. If you use a different method, the ratio may be different. When rice is cooked, spread it out on a large baking sheet & let cool completely.
  2. Prep everything.
  3. Chop onions & scallions.
  4. Beat eggs, add 1TB soy sauce & pepper.
  5. Heat wok until it is HOT. Add 1TB oil - vegetable/canola/sesame(NOT toasted!) & swirl to coat sides. Add egg mixture, swirl to coat sides. Scrape pan to cook it all quickly, scraping as you go. This will take 2-3 minutes. When all get is cooked, not just set, scrape into a bowl & set aside.
  6. Add 2TB oil to hot wok. Add chopped onions. Cook until browned & softened, 3-5 minutes.
  7. Add cooled rice. Every few minutes, scrape up from the bottom, so that the rice on the bottom & sides get a bit crispy. When it starts looking crispy, not burned, add soy sauce along top rim of rice & stir fry/stir up well. Keep turning up from bottom as you go along. I added another TB or so oil along the top rim of rice -- it goes down the sides coating the rice & helps to crisp it up. This will take 5 minutes or more. Take the time to let it cook & get a bit crispy.
  8. Sprinkle on enough sesame seeds to make you happy & stir that in, continuing to stir up from the bottom.
  9. Add 1TB (or more) toasted sesame oil to the top rim of the rice & continue to stir it from the bottom.
  10. Chop up scrambled egg w/spoon & add to rice. Continue to stir from the bottom.
  11. Add chopped scallions & continue to stir --.
  12. Season with salt to taste, stirring well between each addition to check seasoning.
  13. Add more soy sauce and/or sesame oil if it suits you. :).

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