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We thought this was good. I didn't add any of the "other ingredients", but did add a squirt of Kraft horseradish sauce and yellow mustard, which is something that I always put in egg salad.

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Shena March 01, 2003

I never had Mrs Peterson's sandwiches but these were pretty good. I used Hellman's Light & added onions - didn't have any celery but I'll try that next time. I would never have thought to add butter - thanks for posting this.

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CountryLady February 24, 2003

Very good egg salad. I had never heard of adding butter to the egg! I found the addition of melted butter really helped to hold the egg salad mixture together once it was chilled and therefore they were less "messy" than most egg salad sandwiches. The butter also adds a nice rich flavour. I added a few chopped onions, a tiny bit of Dijon mustard and also used Hellman's mayonnaise.

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Just Call Me Martha December 13, 2003

This is the most delicious egg salad I have ever tasted and will now be my standard recipe. I wanted to use up a bunch of Easter eggs I had lying around, so I thought I would give this new recipe a try and I am so glad I did. I did leave out dill weed and celery salt as I had neither in the house and I also did not add any of the optional ingredients. I used garlic powder, not garlic salt, and just adjusted the regular salt measurement accordingly. I think the flavors of the seasoned salt, the garlic, and most especially the melted butter really made for a superior flavor.

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HeatherFeather April 24, 2003

Can't say enough about this recipe! Wow! I loved, loved, the butter in this. I have never thought of using such ~ and this just enhanced the creaminess, and helped keep everything together without adding tons of salad dressing (mayo/miracle whip). I used a lot of the optional ingredients except for olives, well....cause' durn - it, we didn't have any, but otherwise I would of used that too. I used the onion, but grated it through a grater (about 1 tsp.) and we have enjoyed this immensely. This very unique, but thoroughly delightful egg salad is so amazing, and tasty. Thanks, Charlotte!

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm August 03, 2011

I was about to be really discourteous with this rating because it was SO SALTY but I took another look and realized that Zaar didn't cut the seasoning in half like the eggs when I changed the servings (I don't know why, it's the 1st time that ever happened). I did like the creaminess of the butter, I might try it again but even half the salt is too much.

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moe13a May 08, 2010

Great sandwiches! A note if you are reducing the recipe--food.com does not reliably reduce the measurements of the seasonings so you might get a very salty result! I used garlic powder rather than garlic salt and also reduced the amount of salt a bit, but had not noticed that the amounts were not reduced before I made the recipe so mine was still a tad salty.

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iris5555 April 29, 2012

This makes really great egg salad sandwiches even using lite mayo. I added the suggested celery instead of celery salt.

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amy.hough September 23, 2010

We loved it. I have always liked egg salad but this one I love and it is now the only one I'll make. In fact, my husband, who normally will not touch egg salad, loves it. We didn't have the celery salt so didn't add and I cut back on the others. I also used fat free Miracle Whip. The best thing to do I found is to make it the night before and let it sit in the fridge overnight. The flavors really blend together well then. Thank you for submitting it.

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hnelis February 24, 2009

Glad I used a recipe this time because its totally worth it! I tasted the sauce before i added the eggs and it was pretty powerful but once you add everything together it tastes perfectly seasoned! I added celery, and celery seed instead of celery salt and it turned out perfect.

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hyperbabie182 September 30, 2013
Egg Salad Sandwiches