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I doubt this is Omani but anyhow we liked the taste (we, DD1 (5 years old) and I did not use mayonnaise) It looks like a pretty flower. Just be careful not to cut too deep or the flower will break apart. I used Organic free range eggs (that at least means there is no hormones and antibiotics in the things, but they are grain fed which is not a chickens natural diet! which should be grass. And free range does not define how long they are let outside and how big the space is which may not have any grass to begin with!). I omitted the green pepper as it is not to our tastes. I used plain mustard, sea salt to taste (less), light tasting extra virgin olive oil, some white vinegar and a dash of Gulf Spices (Ibzar) instead of pepper as we are travelling and that is what I have on hand here! I used plumb tomatoes, organic baby spring mix, flat leaf parsley, for the garnish, plus the rest of the ingredients. Made for January 2013 ~ NA/ME Explores OMAN!%u200F

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UmmBinat January 18, 2013
Egg Salad in Tomato Accordions