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These are so much easier to make than I thought they would be. the outside was crispy and the inside was crunchy, but we played around with the flavors because we thought it was a little bland. We left out the MSG (allergies) and added 1 TBS. rice vinegar and some shredded carrots. Be sure to use the peanut oil or olive oil for frying, because reg. veg. oil does not give enough flavor. Thanks for saving me from the frozen food section of the market again!

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MommaEllen March 17, 2008

My BFF and I like to get together and try new recipes and this was one we picked out. It was great. Neither one of us are the measuring type and we like to ad lib. We had the butcher grind the pork. We did used regular button mushrooms chopped in the food processor. We did not use the eggs. We also added rice noodles that we soaked along with the bean spouts. We tripled the recipe so we could have leftovers. We ended up with about 3 dozen egg rolls. They were yummy. I made a sweet and sour sauce that I got from a Laotian woman...juice of 1 lime, 3/4 cup sugar, 1 cup boiling water and 1/2 teaspoon of hot pepper paste. YUMMY! Thanks for sharing your recipe and helping us out with our venture! We will be doing it again.

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kyky January 17, 2008

very tasty my family enjoyed these they have to be cooked or frozen immediately. I made them with egg and without and liked them better without. they were easier to cook

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Chef tonecapone September 12, 2005

Excellant egg rolls. The peanut oil makes them fantastic. Didn't soak the bean sprouts yet they were not wilted. Froze the leftovers and fried them a couple of days later and they were wonderful too.

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blueyedkansan October 11, 2004

These were really good but I thought they were missing something, not sure what. Needed just a little more flavor but overall really they were very good, we really did enjoy them. Hubby and son enjoyed helping me roll them too!!

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That girl Mel September 03, 2004

This was the star of a delicious dinner tonight. I used all the ingredients called for except the Accent and garlic powder (substituting 2 cloves grated garlic), but used 1/2 cup less cabbage, and added 1/2 cup julienne carrots. I did use 5 mushrooms, I think they add a lot to the flavor. I cut the pork in very thin slivers, and drained the vegetables very well. I even lightly salted the cut cabbage and carrot, let them sit about an hour, then squeezed the water out of them. After putting everything else together, I mixed in the 3 eggs (which I was a little concerned about). The eggs did not make the mixture too wet, but I think it would be possible to put in 1 fewer egg. I wrapped the filling in softened rice paper wrappers, getting 14 rolls, and fried them in about 1 inch of heated oil. I cooked them a little slowly because I wanted to make sure the pork cooked. They were yummy with sweet Thai chili sauce out of a bottle. Thank you for the recipe. BTW, I did soak the bean sprouts, but have never heard of doing this, and wonder what the reason is.

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mianbao October 12, 2003
Egg Rolls