Egg Olive Salad Sandwiches

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Total Time
10 mins
0 mins

My mom used to put a booth in a local church's fall craft bazaar. The church ladies made these sandwiches every year. They are simply amazing. I went back to the bazaar this past fall for the first time in years... They were still making the same sandwiches, but I didn't get one -- they were sold out!! The recipe comes from the church's cookbook. The book suggests only Sunbeam white bread, but since when do I follow rules?! Pita bread, whole grain bread, wheat bread, or just a a bed of lettuce... It's all good. :)

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  1. Chop eggs and olives finely. The finer, the better. If you're adventurous, use a food processor.
  2. Mix all ingredients gently by hand.
  3. Tightly cover and cool the mixture for a few hours, maybe even overnight.
  4. Make into sandwiches and cut into quarters or use cookie cutters to make fun shapes.
  5. **start with a 1/2 cup of mayonnaise and add as needed **.