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Oh yeah....this is grand stuff! We'll never buy store-bought egg nog again! This is delicioius and also found that even those folks who don't like egg nog, loved this. Sweet, creamy, rich, but not as sweet and thick as the stuff you buy in the dairy case. Like the fact that it uses Egg Beaters...no worry about the "raw egg factor." I cut the vanilla from 3 tsps to only 2 and it suited our taste. Spiked it with brandy and also a batch with spiced rum and both blended real well with this. Not sure which version I liked best! Will be making this again. In fact, heading to the store today for more half & half and Egg Beaters for another Christmas Eve batch tonight!

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Georgia Dave December 24, 2012

This was excellent! They are right when they say even those that don't like egg nog will like it. My husband and daughter hate egg nog and thought it was really good. I made a double batch for a Christmas dinner (approximately 40 people) and even though there was pop, hot cider, coffee and tea, the nog was completely gone. I had to substitute pumpkin spice for the nutmeg and it still turned out great.

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Sandra62 December 09, 2010
Egg Nog