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These were great! I would probably double the sauce. I am not a big mushroom fan so I used water chesnuts instead.. which I would not recommend unless you use a small amount of them, they overwhelmed me. That's what I get for messing with a recipe!
And recipe for two, they weren't kidding! I used low sodium soy and beef broth. So yummy! Might add a tiny bit of sesame oil and garlic next time.

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CassieMo November 09, 2010

Just the the chinese. Great!!!!!!!!!!! Co-workers loved it. I will b making this again. Very easy to put together. I used chinese fancy mixed vegetables.

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mightyro_cooking4u May 08, 2009

I'll give FOUR stars, simple becasue this is a great method and a recipe to begin with. I just have to add more/different veggies to make it fun, but keep the ratios abou the same. Shoot me if your mother-in-law says, but I also add a pinch of the 'horrible' MSG to both mixtures. Also a pinch of grond black pepper to both and whatever chippable (find chop) veggies are available. The only essential veg seems to the the bean sprouts, don't always have them, and won't but unless they look very good. Think SIMPLE folks! This is as simple as an "Asian" version of a simple frattata (sp?), mostly veggies, egg as a binder and a few "Asian" flavors in the egg mix and in the sauce. A lottoe garlic won't hurt and YOUR taste is the guide. The method is great, but I like to group it a bit higher with a spatula or use a for for the first side's cooking. Temperature is important and 90% of the egg mix shoudl be set befor the flip. I use raw veg and expect them to be crisp; other blanch to soften. Last note: If the essential bean sprouts are a bit too long for convenience, whack them in half before adding to the eggs. This is FUN!

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cedargln_12917330 September 15, 2012

This was a quick and easy meal to make. My husband and son loved it, said it tasted better than the local Chinese Restaurant. I really liked it because it is mainly eggs and veggies, the sauce is made with beef broth but one could substitute veggie broth. Thanks for a great recipe.

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Homemaking Susie December 11, 2014
Egg Foo Yung (For 2) With Oriental Sauce