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Reminds me of a puffy omelet. This is a very easy, fast and filling dish. Very economical too. Just add salad and you've fed a family of four for only a few dollars. I cut the recipe in half and as I don't care for olives, substituted chopped onions. Next time I'll add a bit of salt and increase the spices. Just to give it a little more zing. This is a great creation.

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Diana #2 November 20, 2008

In copying this recipe I made an error & listed 2 pkgs of ramen. I also crushed them uncooked into the bottom of a 8X12 glass pan. I then poured the egg batter over it all & it barely covered the noodles. After baking the edges of the noodles were crispy. The whole dish is so pretty when it came out of the oven. Made as I did, I could see it easily being cut into small squares & served as an inexpensive appetizer on a tray. The seasoning is good, but needs just a bit of tweaking to get it company ready. Maybe some salt, onion flakes, and a bit more italian seasoning would finish it up. It is a very pretty dish & well worth the experimenting! I do promise to try the recipe as written & will add to my review. Good luck in the contest!

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Susie D November 20, 2008
" Egg "cellent Noodles