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What a great Sunday Brunch dish! I served it with sliced raw sweet onions and sliced tomatoes, toasted bagels on the side and homemade strawberry freezer jam. I used fresh potatoes for the hash browns and soaked them well in water to remove the startch so they wouldn't turn brown. MMMmmm THANK-YOU Karen

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Bergy September 29, 2002

Our family very much enjoyed this for Easter. I used diced hash browns and found 1/2 lb. of bacon was plenty. I had some trouble trying to turn potatoes in one piece but it didn't matter as once all turned they easily pressed down evenly again. I served this with hot cross buns and fresh fruit. The response was Please don't wait until next Easter to make again! Many thanks Karen.

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Kate in Ontario April 20, 2003

Fantastic idea! Can't believe I never thought of it. I use a plate to flip the potatoes. Just put a regular or paper plate over the frypan and hold it firmly. Turn over so potatoes flip onto plate. Then just slide the "pancake" back into the frypan. This was delicious. I used the bacon drippings for the oil - YUM! I live alone so I portioned the dish into 5 servings and refridgerated the rest for breakfast all week. Great time saver. Definite keeper! Thanks, Lee

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Nana Lee June 22, 2007

Really good recipe; All breakfast foods in one dish. The plate trick worked well, and the recipe was accurate from a cooking perspective. If using a non-stick skillet, (10 inch diameter) 10 minutes is accurate for the first browning of potatoes, assuming a medium heat setting (5-7) as opposed to medium high (7-9); 1 lb is a lot of hash browns; so it takes longer to brown then the directions may indicate for cooking the hash browns alone. (I used frozen.) When you flip, use plate size approx. to skillet size and it works great. Then, after flipped, make pockets, add eggs, add cheese, and then add bacon last (it's already cooked and cheese needs time to melt) and give it another 10 min on medium heat. You can even use the plate trick to flip it again if you like it a little more well-done. I'm thinking about trying the same basic recipe with other breakfast meats (sausage or ham). Also thinking about layering the hash browns and cheese (instead of all the taters under the cheese). Hot sauce adds an awesome kick to finish product!

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grantmnewell April 04, 2013

DE-LICIOUS! I added grated sweet onions to the hash browns. It was difficult to flip, but I used a plate like others suggested. Made 2 days ahead and froze it in an aluminum tray. Took it camping and put it on the grill till it was hot and bubbly (20 minutes). The aroma was just wonderful. It went fast! Just threw away the empty tray and cleanup was done. LOVE this recipe!!!

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Robidoodle September 20, 2012

Ok all the reviews are good how did you guys do it? I cooked mine for half the time on medium low and it was soooo burnt most recipies turn out great! This was aweful!

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Cgal October 10, 2011

I recently made this and followed the recipe exactly as written. This turned out wonderful. My family loved it and there was no left overs. I will be making this again for sure. thank you for sharing

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poarch0 July 21, 2011

This is gorgeous and delicious. Thank you!

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Denibates September 21, 2008

This recipe was great. We made it for dinner and added some peppers and minced garlic. It definately isn't just a breakfast dish!

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sbera007 October 29, 2006

This was gone in a flash!!! Used shredded frozen hash browns. Perfect with a little Picante on top. Whole family loved it. So great to make hashbrowns, eggs and bacon in the same pan. DH made this while DS and I made Everyday Coffee Cake(microwave)#84177. These were very delicious and quick to prepare. Great Saturday morning brunch. Thanks, this will be on our weekly breakfast rotation.

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Recipe Girl February 26, 2005
Egg, Bacon and Hash Browns Casserole