Egg and Ham Breakfast Sandwich

READY IN: 7mins
Recipe by stevene

It is a sandwich that will fill you up after just one. It is very good for on the go!

Top Review by Chef TooShort

it wasn't difficult at all to make and it filled me up like it says. The only thing is, make sure when you make an egg, to use butter instead of Pam or Crisco spray because I found out it doesnt stick to the pan when you use butter, but it does when you use spray. Great recipe!


  1. Cook the egg in a pan that has a tight circular bottom or try rounding the egg with an egg rounder. Make sure that the egg is scrambled before you start rounding the egg. Cook the slice of ham in another pan and also cook the English muffin in a toaster.
  2. When all the ingredients are cooked, put the egg on first, then the ham. Add a slice of cheese on top of the ham. Then add the top to the sandwich and your done.

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