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Very tasty cookies! When they were still warm, I think the peanut butter was the odd flavor out with the amaretto in there, but the flavors melded nicely once the cookies cooled. I had soaked my raisins (golden) and dates in the amaretto for a few days before making the cookies, but I completely forgot to add the water. In hindsight, I don't think the water is necessary. I'm assuming that with the water, the dough is too loose to retain it's shape while baking, until the dough is chilled anyway. I found that the freshly-made dough with just the amaretto was fine to be scooped and baked without the chilling period -- it was a tiny bit softer than my usual drop cookie dough, but not so much that the cookies spread any more than, say, a regular chocolate chip cookie. I baked them for the 18 minutes, and they came out perfectly. I'm not sure exactly how many cookies I will get from this, since I only baked up 1 tray this morning. It's a pretty big batch of dough, so I'm guessing I'll probably get about 4 dozen or so cookies when all is said and done. Soooo, I will definitely be making these again, lol! Thanks for posting! Made for PAC Spring 2014

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Muffin Goddess May 08, 2014
Ed's Chicago Garbage Cookies (Amaretto)