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Excellent recipe! These pancakes were soft and delicious, the filling was wonderful too. Personally I would have liked more filling but my husband liked them as is. I'm going to try the batter for regular pancakes as well. I used this on my new ebelskiver pan and it worked wonderfully! Thanks!

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najwa December 10, 2010

Good recipe; the batter is easy to work with and the pancakes turn very easily. No reason why the pancake filling can't be made ahead the night before--leave at room temperature (this is the most time consuming part of the prep work). One modification I would make in the recipe itself: DON'T use salt in the whipping cream! It serves no purpose other than to make the whipped cream taste salty! I don't understand why the recipe calls for it. Lastly, the pancakes are tastiest with a generous amount of filling. As it's written, the filling recipe doesn't begin to yield enough filling to fill the quantity of pancake batter. Double the apple filling (or half again as much).

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karlsent2 December 28, 2008

These pancakes are sooooo yummy! Ok, right off I need to say what I did differently: I used raspberry jam instead of the filling part, and skipped the whipped cream altogether. And for the batter, instead of 3 egg yolks and 5 whites, I used 4 whole eggs and combined them with the liquids. Other than that (I hope you don't mind, Cucina Casalingo!) these pancakes were made using the batter ingredients as listed. These could really be a dessert as well as a breakfast. Ours were a delicious lazy Sunday morning treat, enjoyed by all. Thanks so much!

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Susiecat too August 24, 2008

These are attractive and delicious and make a nice, special breakfast treat. They take a good bit of work, so it's best if you plan ahead (unlike me who just decided this morning to whip them up) and have everything organized. You could do the apples ahead of time, but I wouldn't do the whipped cream too far ahead since the maple syrup/whipped cream combo doesn't remain really stiff. Take care to use a small amount of batter because they do rise up quite a bit. Thanks for posting!

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pattikay in L.A. February 23, 2008
Ebelskiver (Spiced Apple-Filled Pancakes)