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This is a great recipe, very sinful. Try it just as stated. I can't help myself for changing things, so I toasted some pecan pieces and added them to the filling. Toast them at 300 for 10 minutes to get more flavor from the nuts. Thanks for sharing!

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db74105 May 31, 2009

An amazing recipe. Good thing that I have deviated from my diet recently! These were decadently delicious – a lot of work to make but the rewards were worth it! I added a teaspoon of cinnamon to the caramel mixture that was spread at the bottom of the pan for an extra cinnamon kick. There is one thing that I will do differently next time – after baking, I will invert the pan onto a platter and then ice the rolls. I think it would be better to put the cream cheese frosting on top of the caramel instead of having the caramel at the bottom and frosting on top. I really enjoyed making (and eating!) these. Thanks so much for posting this. I am really impressed with this recipe and I plan to try out more of Megan’s recipes soon – she is obviously a very talented lady!

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Shannon Cooks April 09, 2007

I tried to make these with a different recp. They were nasty. These came out AWESOME! YUMMMM.. Make sure you use bread flower fyi

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KM A. February 22, 2015

I didn't get a good rise out of my rolls and wonder if it was because the yeast had such hot milk poured over it or if it was just too old. At any rate, these are still wonderful. I will try again with fresh yeast and cool the milk a bit before adding it. I only had all purpose flour and granulated sugar so that is what I used. I found these to be really, really sweet and may cut back on the amount of brown sugar used in the filling. Over all a really nice treat. Thank You Megan!

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Roosevelt Mommy November 03, 2012

Made these for my family, 7 of us, absolutely fabulous. Won't be waiting for Christmas to make them again either. Not sure what the pudding mix is but I used Angel Delight, an instant just whisk with cold milk maple flavoured one. It did the trick and we had enough topping the heap on afterwards. We can't get Cinnabons over here in the UK, not to worry these were great.

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K-Pies July 18, 2011
Eat Your Heart Out, Cinnabon: Cinnamon Rolls