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Easy and less stress for the "new" turkey maker! I have done the" in the bag turkey" for years. Use spray oil on the bag, easier. Also, cook at 225* overnight, you don't have the bag on fire fear as with the 500* oven. If you don't like to stuff your bird, placind hunks of apple, onion and celery inside cavity makes great flavor,whole cloves of garlic are perfect, remove it, squeeze garlic into a bowl. Use as spread for breads, add to mashed potatoes, green vegis...good! Only downside to this is a less fancy looking bird as it is steamed, so no golden skin.

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Cheftesss November 12, 2008

The juiciest, best tasting turkey ever! I did a 20 pound turkey and it was NOT stuffed and still came out perfectly! Guests who typically do not eat the white meat even raved about how moist and juicy it was.

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Laurie Y. December 01, 2015

I used this recipe for our 24lb turkey this Thanksgiving. I followed the original recipe instructions and the turkey came out great. Stuffed with apples, garlic and onion. No fire, no smoke. Pulled it out of the oven after three hours and thermometer read 165 degrees on the nose. Montreal Seasoning is a meat seasoning that is pretty common, we have used it for years. This recipe is much better than a plastic cooking bag, the meat at the bottom of the turkey wasnt full of grease from sitting in the juices. I also found it to be alot less of a mess since the juices can drain out of the bag while cooking.

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kennethrsnyder711 November 28, 2014

My MIL taught me this method years ago, and I've never done it any other way since! PERFECTION every time, and really cuts down the hours in the oven. Only difference: being Southern, we don't "stuff" Mr. Bird---our "dressing" is baked in a separate pan. But N2S is right about needing something stuffed into the carcass for ideal results---so I chop celery, carrots, and onions into big chunks and put that in along with plenty of garlic cloves and shallots, all of which I discard after baking. This adds wonderful flavor to the drippings.

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La Dilettante November 16, 2013

Had a load of people over last night for dinner and tried this recipe out. A great success. Turkey was perfectly cooked and the juiciest I've ever made. Glad I found this recipe. I will do this way from now on. It also took at least an hour off cooking time so that was great also

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George P. October 15, 2013

This makes my third time using this method and this year I even have my mother-in-law's turkey to cook. I wouldn'tprepare it any other way. I have never stuffed it but I soak it in a brine (Turkey Brine) and it comes out so tender and juicy.

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Chef WannaBe #4 November 24, 2010

I've had turkey baked like this at a friend's house and it was outstanding. However, dear recipe-providers, please explain what things like "Montreal Seasoning" are! This drives me nuts when people specify ingredients [like scungilli, dragonfruit] that are specialties and local items. Please, please please try to explain what these things are, and where to get them. That would be much appreciated by many. Also, I often see recipes missing ingredients that you later find called-for IN the directions...Thanks All

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BestFriendsStevie November 05, 2008

will try this for thanksgiving.

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chef spicey November 04, 2008
Easy Turkey in a Paper Bag