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I wish I had found this recipe sooner. I would have used ALL of my tomatoes instead of giving them away. I have been terrified to make my own sauce because the thought of peeling tomatoes was absolutely overwhelming. This worked well, but I did make a few changes for my preference. First, I would recommend anyone making this seed the tomatoes well before starting. I made this with 12 giant tomatoes from my garden. There were a LOT of seeds, so I ran it thru my food processer. I also added liquid, because I ended up with sauce that was way too thick to my taste. I used chicken broth. I will definitely make this recipe again, and have changed my mind about having so many tomato plants in my garden. Now I'm planting more. Thanks for a wonderful recipe that I 100% recommend.

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Amanda Beth September 04, 2009

What a great recipe, I can't believe this has never been reviewed~I followed this exactly, using my crock-pot to cook the tomatoes down and the taste was really sensational. I used every ingredient listed, adding a bit of sugar & salt at the end. The skins had pretty much just gone away, and melted into the sauce, although I did remove any big skin that was left. I used a combination of cherry tomatoes, roma tomatoes, and Celebrity tomato. I chunked this all up, and added garlic and fresh italian seasoning, basil, oregano, rosemary, and parsley. This all cooked down into one wonderful aroma, and I was able to freeze after cooling and delightful summer will be there any time of year. Thank you Hokiegal!

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm August 06, 2008

What an easy recipe. THANK YOU!!!!! I had an abundance of small plum tomatoes & cherry tomatoes from my garden & this recipe was perfect for NO PEELING!! The only thing I changed was I used Herbs De Provence INSTEAD of Italian Seasoning. WOW!!! Beautiful flavor. I recommend trying this.

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shatsy August 26, 2014

Excellent easy recipe. Looking forward to tasting this fab taste of summer in the middle of winter! Thanks hokiegal!

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Tina and Dave September 13, 2009
Easy Tomato Sauce with no peeling