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I had a VERY old stewing chicken in the freezer and I wanted to make stock. I made a lot of changes to this recipe, but I am rating it because the seasoning was terrific. I don't have a crock pot so I did it on the stove top and I covered the bird with water. I also added a cut up carrot and a couple of celery stalks. When the chicken was done, I reduced the stock by about 1/3. Then I used the stock and the meat to make "Bon Appetit's Mulligatawny Soup", recipe 4891. Just great! If I ever get a crock pot I would love to try this method because I am sure the broth would be extremely flavourful.

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Paja October 04, 2008

Derf, how easy is this?! Since in your introduction you mention stripping off the useable meat, and I have been saving roasted chicken carcus bones in the freezer and needed both stock and some freezer space, this recipe seemed perfect. My crockpot only has one setting so I threw everything in for 10 hours and I have a wonderful flavourful stock. After it had cooled off I put it into the fridge overnight and in the morning carefully lifted off the small amount of fat that had solidified and put the rest of the stock into plastic beakers and into the freezer. It doesn't look to me like your former reviewer actually made the recipe, and I figure that since my beasties had only a meagre amount of meat on them and I didn't add salt, and I scooped away the fat that surely the nutritional data for this can no longer really apply in the high figures mentioned? My stock looks lean and mean to me LOL. I used leftover fresh rosemary and thyme and no cooking spray and my photo was taken halfway through the cooking time (since it was getting too dark to get a decent photo later) but I can assure you that it got a little darker and heaps more flavour after the rest of the time. Please see my rating system: 4 wonderful stars for a super easy recipe where the crockpot does all the work and hopefully over time my hips will take all the credit. I'm trying to eat healthier and my homemade stocks are very important to me as an aid to cooking veggies with less oil and butter. This one is a success. Thanks!

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kiwidutch March 21, 2007

Recipe sounded great, that is until I looked at the nutritional information! One serving of this nearly fills you calorie, fat and sodium intake for the DAY! Not worth the heart attack!

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Aminat May 27, 2002
Easy Tender Chicken Stock