Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 15 mins

One Saturday afternoon I really wanted pea soup, but didn't have any in the cupboard and I didn't want to go to the store. So instead, I made my own. Oh-so-easy, this soup is yummy!


  1. Cook frozen peas in a saucepan with water; cover and cook until peas are very tender (but not overly wrinkly).
  2. Then drain and whir the peas in the blender or food processor until soup-like in texture, adding the chicken stock as necessary (you want a nice thick soup).
  3. Take whirred peas from blender and put back into the saucepan, adding the pinch sugar, nutmeg, and salt/pepper.
  4. Heat through.
  5. Swirl a little sour cream into each serving, and this dish looks and tastes great!
  6. Makes 3 to 4 servings.
  7. You can add a little bit of minced onion in, if you like, and a few sliced mushrooms are good, too.
Most Helpful

Delicious, and so incredibly easy! The key to it being mildly sweet is in not overcooking the peas, like you directed. I omitted the nutmeg, which I was out of, and peppered this nicely instead. I used the water that the peas had cooked in to preserve nutrients, and added a tad extra water as well. My soup wasn't cloggy thick, but just right :-) Thanks for this one... it's one easy fix!

Anu May 31, 2002

My first time at making a pea soup and I love that this uses frozen peas instead of split peas. I sauteed a little onion in some bacon drippings and added to the pureed peas. Then, I thinned the puree with half and half instead of using the sour cream. I left out the sugar and topped the soup with just a sprinkle of bacon bits. Very tasty soup - nutritious and healthy comfort food!

JPerez January 01, 2008

nice and very easy! i used an electric mixer instead of a blender, and it didn't get the perfect creamy texture, but still turned out great. took the suggestions for s and garlic, and worked very well.

Gorterboy May 29, 2006