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My family enjoys Shoney's Strawberry pies, but they are not inexpensive. I tried this recipe and they went NUTS over it! I made 2 more the next day and 2 more the day after that! They can't get enough. I even substituted splenda and sugar-free jello just to see how it would work for diabetics....it was fabulous....my family didn't even notice! Definitely a winner at my house!

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kimcreed001 July 16, 2007

We have always called this recipe the "Big Boy" Strawberry Pie, like they serve in the Big Boy Restaurants! I have been making this pie for years! Always get compliments on the taste and it looks so pretty. Make sure you let your jello/cornstarch mixture cool before you add to pie. You don't want too "cook" your strawberries. I always leave my berries whole unless they are way huge, then I may cut in half. Another hint (I learned from my mother in law) is spread some softned cream cheese on bottom of pie crust before adding berries and gel. It will stop the berries/jello from bleeding thru and soaking the pie crust. I may use 4 oz cream cheese softned and add 2 T or even 1/4 c powdered sugar. Mix together and spread on crust before adding pie filling. Works well with any uncooked fruit pie. Who wouldn't like a little sweetened cream cheese with their strawberries. :)

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Lorianne August 08, 2013

This was just that EASY!!! The pie has enough sugar in it to compensate for berries that might not be too sweet. The longest part of this pie is waiting for the mixture to cool down. I didnt change a thing and that is quite rare for me. Some people may want to use a graham cracker crumb crust but for me..... I have to go with the standard pie crust. I always make them home made. Thanks I really enjoyed this one.

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Chef Wahoo March 11, 2007

Just had to do a review for this pie. I have been making this same pie for years and it is DH's favorite. He will give a stranger the shirt off of his back, but when I make one of these...he will hide it from the kids!!!!

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Jellyqueen April 19, 2005

Super easy, and the one I made looked like it was from the pages of Bon Appetit! Absolutely beautiful results, and impressed the dinner guests. I can't imagine it working well with a graham crust, but it worked perfectly with my regular pie crust. Thanks Sharlene!

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Greggarious May 18, 2013

I was looking for a recipe that could taste just as good as the Strawberry Pie from the Flying Saucer Pie Company here in Houston, Texas and this recipe is just as good. This pie is so good, I could have eaten the whole pie in one sitting! My family and friends also enjoyed it. This recipe will definitely be one I will continue to use over and over again. Thanks for such a wonderful recipe!

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nursecromer April 22, 2013

Wow! this was so good and easy, definitely a "keeper"

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Linda D. July 31, 2012

The flavor was delicious, but the pie was a big flop. I made the filling exactly as directed and poured it into a store bought graham cracker crust to chill. The filling became runny, and the crust became soggy. Now I understand why Shoney's uses whole (rather than sliced) berries. Next time I will leave the berries whole and mix with the glaze to store in a separate bowl until time to serve. Only then will I add to the crust. I think that will result in a 5 star pie.

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grammyof3 February 19, 2009

I appreciate your posting this recipe. I had lost my copy, and agree that this is a wonderful strawberry pie. What I like about it is that unlike other strawberry pie recipes this one has so much great flavor because the jello adds so much and tastes so much better than making a gel without the strawberry flavoring. Years ago I made one of these for my sister's birthday who adores Strawberry pie. I flew on the plane with the pie on my lap all the way. She was astounded that I had done this for her, and said it was the best strawberry pie she had ever tasted. Bravo for posting this pie recipe!

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CarrolJ May 10, 2006

Really easy. Really nice. The jelly sauce needs to be completely cold and almost set before pourng over the strawberries otherwise there may be a tendency to soak into the pastry base. I used a homemade sweet short crust pastry which I cooked for about 20 minutes before leaving to get totally cold, then halved the strawberries and placed into it. There is still a small portion left after 2 days (just 3 of us here) and the base still remains as good as it was on day 1. The only thing I would try when making next time is reducing the amount of sugar in stage 1 to about 2/3 of a cup. I think this would lower the calories a little without affecting the taste. I would classify this as being a real 'crowd pleaser'. Delicious.

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Kiwi Kathy September 05, 2013
Easy Strawberry Pie