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Out of this world. My DH and I enjoyed this last night. The only think I did differnet was add a shallot and fresh thyme, sage & parsley. Cant say enough about the flavor. Great job Quick Easy and Delicious

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Mom to all April 22, 2010

Sooooo yummy!!!! I was afraid that making quiche would be really tricky - the only tricky part with this recipe was adding too much fillings!! :) I love spinach and mushroom so i added a little more than the recipe called for and had some spillage. This will be a basic go to recipe for quiche! Can't wait to try it with ham and mushrooms, or asparagus, or bacon, or anything!!!!

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Leasamk February 04, 2013

This recipe does not cook well, and the cook time is half of what it needs to be. The flavor winds up being good, though. I thought it seemed strange that there were so few eggs and so much milk. More milk than egg in this!! After 35 minutes it was still 100% liquid. Gave it another 10 minutes and the center was still liquid. Ten more minutes still, I tried to cut it and took a bite. Not done yet. VERY soft set. It's still in the oven as I'm writing this. Because of the lack of egg in the recipe the texture is kind of weird. I think I'm going to halve the milk and add 2 more eggs and try again with my second pie shell. This recipe is salvageable but a total flop.

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Christina S. July 06, 2016

I'm making this recipe for the first time as I type this!! <br/><br/>I doubled the quantities in this recipe since I had two pie shells. Also, I like a lot more spinach so I used two 300 g packages of frozen chopped spinach. More salt, about 1 tsp, two crushed garlic, some marjoram, and about 1.5 tsp of the thyme. I used slightly less milk than double 1.3/4 cups, but it was still overflowing the pie shells. <br/><br/>Probably a good idea to use only 1.5 packs of the frozen spinach, so that it doesn't overflow. Luckily, I had put both quiches on a baking sheet so no cleanup in the stove to do!<br/><br/>Time to cook was a lot longer! I used a temperature of 335 F to start, for 35 minutes, then added another 35 minutes at 325 F. Trying to get the golden brown top colour. <br/>I did the knife test, and it pulled out cleanly at 55 minutes, but the colour was still very pale.<br/>Now doing another 10 minutes...so total cooking time will be 65 minutes!<br/><br/>We'll be tasting it for dinner on Friday night...making this ahead of time on a Wednesday.<br/>I'll let you know how it tasted.

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Axelboot November 27, 2014

I am just baking it in oven and did 2 of them one for a friend that just had a baby so the time I have already added an additional 15 mins and now another 5 mins since internal temp is 160 not 165 according to this article how to tell if a quiche is done! Thought I would post since someone said theirs was runny and not done. Giggle it first if it is runny add more time and recheck so I added 10 mins first then one came out still wet with knife test, so added another 5mins. then, it passed knife test but temp test was 160 so added another 10 mins since 5 wasn't enough. Hope it tastes as good as it looks. http://www.ehow.com/how_7696606_tell-quiche-done.html

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Susan E. October 11, 2014

This recipe is Not good. As is, the recipe makes a wobbly, slimy, milk quiche. Please increase the eggs:milk ratio; and then send me a slice because I wasted a lot of yummy ingredients on this.

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cnskelton August 10, 2014

This ended up being a five star recipe, but likely because of the changes I made. It was absolutely DELICIOUS though!<br/><br/>Changes:<br/>One half onion, chopped<br/>Three cloves of garlic, minced<br/>One cup half and half, instead of milk<br/>1/2 teaspoon of salt (instead of 1/4 teaspoon)<br/>10 ounces of fresh spinach<br/>1 teaspoon of a spice called Cruz Bay Rub from St. John (you probably can use another rub-like herb, or just use spices you think will taste good with the quiche - experiment!)<br/><br/>I sauteed the onions in the butter for about four minutes, then added garlic and sauteed for one minute. I then added the mushrooms and some additional salt and pepper, to make the flavor of the mushrooms pop (probably about 1/2 teaspoon), and cooked down for about five minutes. Then I added the pinach and cooked down for about three minutes, until completely wilted. I added the whole mixture, juice and all, to the egg/milk/salt/pepper mixture and added to a premade crust I bought from Trader Joes (frozen section). The crust was an excellent compliment because it was a bit sweet, so it was a sweet-savory experience. <br/><br/>So delicious!

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jesscubes April 10, 2014

a little tip: I've found that a problem with most "pie-shell" recipies, is that the bottom crust never bakes due to the liquid; and so you end up with just dough. So I either bake the pie-shell first; of iif this doesn't work, simply omit the crust entirely and allow the filling to bake itself into a hard shell. .

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Sarah G. March 25, 2014

I wanted to add more eggs and onion, but I resisted and cooked the recipe as is. It's great and needs no adjustments, but can be used as a good starting point for other flavors. DH requested it again less than a week later. This is a quick dinner and is very good. I'm making it again tonight with sauteed asparagus instead of spinach and a bit of shallot.

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cartoonbabe February 02, 2014

Ooops I forgot to mention one more key ingredient - REVISED ADDITION!
Delicious!! I also added *thinly sliced brussel sprouts, garlic, onions, 2T cottage cheese, shredded cheddar and parmesean cheese sprinkled on the top! I was so good but I had to cook it for and extra 15 minutes. Well worth the wait and so simple and fast to make! Thank you!

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donna kardy February 23, 2013
Easy Spinach and Mushroom Quiche