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Even if it is low fat, 616 calories per serving is waaaaay more than I want to eat for dinner, no matter how romantic the meal is! I lowered the calories by making the 8 ounces of pasta yield four servings instead of just two (4 ounces of pasta per person is a HUGE serving). That cut it down to 324 calories per serving, a lot more reasonable for someone trying to lose weight. Other than the humongous serving size, this is a great recipe for losing weight because the result is totally satisfying and extremely delicious, even with half the the pasta. I loved it, and my non-dieting husband loved it too. He said it was "restaurant quality" (he ate more than 1 serving, of course). I started out with only 1 tablespoon lemon juice but I couldn't taste it at all, so I added another. I still couldn't really taste it so I'm not sure why so many people thought the recipe was too lemony. I didn't have any regular white wine so I used rice wine, which is a little more robust than regular table wine, so maybe that mellowed out the lemon. Or maybe the people who thought it was too lemony didn't add the wine at all?? I also cut the red pepper flakes down to 1 tsp. and that was plenty hot for us. Thanks for a great recipe. I'll definitely be making it again.

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Goody2shz October 26, 2011

I love this low fat recipe! Even my boyfriend and one of his friends couldn't believe it was actually good for them! I didn't have any green onions, instead I chopped up a sweet onion, and a little green pepper. Turned out amazing! They have been begging for me to make it again, plan on doing it this weekend. Thanks so much for posting such a fabulous recipe!

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jaccozart September 30, 2011

Loved it, with these mods:

1. Use 1 can diced tomato in favor of chopped
2. Reduce to juice & zest of 1/2 a lemon
3. Reduce pepper flakes (a few shakes will do, unless you like breathing fire)
4. Add a few tsps of sugar to counteract the bitterness of lemon

I also used cooked shrimp I had on hand (just add it at the end) and omitted the green onion, it came out great! I drank it with the rest of the Chardonnay I used for the sauce :)

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Scandium98 January 05, 2012

This was really good. I used a whole lemon (by accident but no zest) and 1 tsp of red pepper flakes (it's spicy!) and 1/2 cup of chix broth (I had to substitute broth for wine since I didn't have any wine on hand and used a lot to balance the extra lemon I added). I only used about 1/4 cup of the pasta water but, in the end, probably could have used 1/2 cup. I would DEF make this again! Hubby loved it! I served it with Roasted Garlic Cauliflower (recipe also found on this site). I also added a few shakes of Granulated Onion and Garlic to it.

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HeatherSiems May 13, 2011

I thought this was excellent. I didn't add pasta water; instead, added same amount chicken broth as wine at the same time as the wine. Had to use powdered garlic (!!!!), didn't have enough lemon juice, no tomato. But this was delicious anyway. Can't wait to make it with fresh ingredients.

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vap March 16, 2011

I added the whole cup of pasta water and doubled the wine to cut the acidity of the lemon, but could have used more hot pepper with this dilution. I added a shallot, some very thin slices of yellow and green peppers for visual appeal. I served it with a Greek salad and chardonnay. DH loved it, so did I.

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ldmetz January 23, 2011

awesome! Didn't have any green onion - will include next time. Also only one twp of pepper flakes and that was plenty. Had some tomato juice to use up so added that instead of the pasta water. A great light summer meal!

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jane49423 June 15, 2010

LOVED LOVED LOVED this recipe - thanks for posting! Changes I made -- used two medium sized tomatoes, regular white onion as I didn't have any green onion and 3 LARGE garlic cloves. No wine - although I suspect that would be a wonderful addition. I also used two heaping tsp of hot pepper flakes and next time - would use slightly less (hot for me...) We ate this happily with 6 oz of wheat pasta and think it was a super wonderful quick yummy weight watcher friendly meal. Thanks so much. Will definitely make many more times!!

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Gidget265 April 12, 2010

A simple, elegant and tasty dish.

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Faux Cordon Bleu January 09, 2010

Excellent and low-fat to boot!

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miltt September 23, 2009
Easy Spicy Shrimp Pasta - Low Fat