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Realizing this is a homemade Hamburger Helper, I didn't pre-cook the pasta to al dente. Just throw it in with a little more water. It worked great and WAY less effort than boiling them first. Family loved this!

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frugalmary September 15, 2011

It's a good recipe, one you could make quickly to please the whole family. It does need more spice, chili powder and garlic. It is a homemade hamburger helper, which is great. Thanks for sharing!

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Chef Smiley7 September 15, 2011

Some people are such food snobs, it's incredible! Obviously, this is not a 50th wedding anniversary party main course, and this is how I will review it. This was incredible for a quick, easy (for Martha's sake, my guy made it while I was at rowing practice and it came out beautifull)and tasty weeknight evening meal. Bravo for a great addition to my personnal list of regular (as in done regularly, not as in "just a regular meal") weeknight meals!

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gourmetronik June 21, 2007

Very good skillet dish. Everyone at our table enjoyed it very much. Nice mexican-style flavor; perfect after-work meal or anytime you want a quick, easy to prepare meal that is not too spicy for the kids. The only adaptation I made was to use pinto beans I prepared from scratch with onion, garlic, and boullion. I used a mexican blend of cheese and small shell macaroni as that is what I had available. For those of us who enjoy more spice, this could easily be adapted with the addition of chile peppers or an increased amount of chili powder and cumin, which I did add to this dish and I recommend it highly. I did not add the salt as my beans had enough salt in them. This will have a regular place on our meal rotation. Thanks Little Bee for bringing another lovely addition to our menu.

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Happy Hippie April 30, 2007

Yum, very nice. I made this exactly as per recipe, my only change was to actually cook the pasta in with the other ingredients, other than pre-cooking. So I probably needed a bit more liquid, adding as I thought necessary, but didn't use that much more. Even though we don't like overly spicy food, we both agreed that I could have added more chilli to this, other than that, super recipe that was very much enjoyed, I suspect leftovers will be even better :) Thanks, Little Bee, this recipe was made for I Recommend, tag game.

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Karen Elizabeth June 28, 2012

Yum! I took reviewers' advice & added macaroni with the beans w/a half cup more water and 1 tsp cumin & 2 tsp chili pepper. I added the salt when browning meat and used more onion & cheese, a half yellow onion & 2 cups cheese (mix the first cup after melting & then 2nd cup on top). Lots of flavor and the macaroni was cooked perfectly. As a house of one, I'll be enjoying this cool weather comfort food for a few days.

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Not Quite Betty Crocker November 25, 2011

The recipe was obviously too large for just my husband & I but it looked so good, I went ahead with it. My daughter and her friend dropped in after dinner and saw the casserole still hot on the stove asked if they could take some for their lunch the next day. I just rec'd raves fron both of them. I used fresh garlic but that was the only change. It was truly very flavourful and we certainly indulged. We will have that again for sure.

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claudettecollins September 19, 2011

This is just wonderful! Next time I make it I will add more chili powder to it, at least a tablespoon. I think it would be good with Monterey jack cheese or a Mexican bcheese blend. Thanks for posting it!

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linguinelisa September 15, 2011

Had 2 cups of pinto beans, 1/2 cup of green beans, 1/2 cup beef stock, and 2 cups shredded cabbage that I didn't want to go to waste in the frig. This recipe was perfect. I followed the instructions with what I had and added more cumin, used a little cayenne pepper, more ancho chili pepper, and used leftover beef stock instead of water. I also used 1/2 cup mozzarella & 1/2 cup cheddar cheese. It was very easy and very delicious! Thanks!

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L1nah March 05, 2011

This recipe far exceeded expectations. To make the recipe vegetarian, I omitted the ground beef and used veggie crumbles in its place. I also added only half a cup of water. Other than that, I followed the recipe exactly and found the seasoning to be perfect.

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stacey.moore November 05, 2010
Easy Skillet Cheese-Topped Chili Macaroni