Easy Shower Curtain Cleaning

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Total Time
10 mins
0 mins

No scrubbing. drys streak free.

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  • 1 cup laundry detergent
  • 1 cup bleach


  1. Plug tub.
  2. Pour 1 cup of laundry soap in bottom of tub.
  3. Pour 1 cup of bleach over the laundry detergent.
  4. Add hot water.
  5. Take down shower curtain.
  6. Let shower curtain fall to bottom of tub.
  7. Push curtain into the water, so that it is submerged.
  8. Turn water off when curtain is submerged.
  9. Push curtain back under the water until it is completly covered.
  10. Let it sit in the tub until the water is cold.
  11. Usually a couple of hours.