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These are the easiest, most delightful chocolate chip cookies I have ever made... In my opinion, the ideal cookie: crisp and golden brown on the outside, chewy and gooey on the inside. I have to say I am a tad confused about other reviews saying that they had so much trouble with these; mine came out to perfection.

I followed the recipe almost exactly, and used a stand mixer to combine all ingredients. I accidentally used 1/2 tsp. salt instead of 1/4, but they came out absolutely delicious! As recommended by another reviewer, I only used 1 1/4 cups chocolate chips, which is more than enough. I rolled the refrigerated cookie dough into 24 heaping tablespoon-sized balls and placed them on a dark, ungreased baking sheet, and actually baked for 15 minutes on the middle rack for a PERFECT cookie (found 8-10 minutes at an accurate 425? too short; the dough was still raw and pale). The key to getting them off the sheet onto a cooling rack is to have patience and let the cookies sit on the sheet for 2 minutes before attempting to transfer. Mine came right up, no problem. Delish! Definitely making them again...

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esactress March 15, 2012

Had to work with this a bit -- the first batch was impossible to remove from the cookie sheet, they were so fragile. Used parchment paper the next time, and slid the whole batch from the hot cookie sheet to a rack and let them cool. Worked like a charm and the cookies were rhapsodically praised. I will definitely make these again.

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ElizV. April 16, 2010

My daughter keeps requesting a thin chocolate chip cookie (the opposite of the hearty ones that I love!). She even made the dough! We found around a cup & 1/4 of chips plenty. The cookies baked up PERFECTLY (level but still sturdy). They were thicker than the photo. Both batches baked up consistently. The flavor was the BEST and the texture delighted my daughter and me (plus the rest of the family). I froze the dough for 25 min. You are the "Queen of the chocolate chip cookies!" Thanks for posting. Roxygirl

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Roxygirl in Colorado February 05, 2010

i've made these cookies like four or five times since i found your recipe, and every time, i get great results!! a fave of the husband and the little siblings!! thanks!!

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Lilasianchef February 13, 2009

Good cookie!! I was a bit hesitant , the dough seemed too moist for a cookie dough , but after the fridge time , it worked well. I don't know if this is normal for this cookie or not , but they flattened out quite a bit , but the flavor and texture are very good!! I got 30 cookies , thanks for posting another chocolate chip cookie option!! Made for PAC '08

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Marlene. May 03, 2008

Great recipe! I usually have all of these simple ingredients in my cupboards. I have made these with M&Ms & brought them to my mother in laws & they were a hit!! Thank you GondolaQueen!

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Paigeloveschocolate September 30, 2007
Easy- Sarah's Chocolate Chip Cookies