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Yep! This is easy...but the best part is that it's delicious...I have a quick and easy salsa too...this is right up there with mine...I did cut the recipe in half because there's just hubby and I...I don't know how long this will last...but by the taste of it...it won't last long...we like our salsa hot...so I left in the seeds...and increased the jalapeno...(I used 2)...chopping up the green onions I'm thinking...this is going to be way to much...but it's not...we just loved the cumin taste in this...I did think with my first bite that it was too salty...but by my third bite...it was perfect...the only thing I think I would add...just because I love it...is some cilantro...btw...please don't use tomato sauce, or diced tomato's...you really need to use the "CRUSHED" tomatoes so you get the right texture and flavor...thanks for posting this...it's a keeper =)

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teresas July 09, 2013

Whipped up this delicious salsa this morning so it will have plenty of time for the flavors to develop. I halved the recipe as best as I could and made only a few changes. I used a little less green onions, substituted garlic powder for some of the garlic salt and added cilantro. I used only two jalapenos without the seeds. The cumin and garlic really add so much flavor to this salsa and the cilantro (which is my preference) along with the green onions really compliment it too. This will be a great addition to our Super Bowl snacks -- plan to serve it with my favorite chip - blue corn tortilla chips. Made for PRMR, February, 2014.

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DailyInspiration February 01, 2014
Easy Salsa Made With Canned Tomatoes