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I felt this was quick and easy. Very nice for the grill. It allows a great deal of flexibility. The only thing is I think it uses too many peppers, but this is probably more a personal perference.

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morgainegeiser July 11, 2009

This is very similar to a SBD recipe for roasted veggies. I also add 2 cloves of finely diced garlic cloves and extra virgin olive oil (instead of the bottled salad dressing) and a few shakes of red pepper flakes before roasting. I freeze in them in 4 containers. Then I can add chicken, beef, fish or add them to whatever I'm making that needs roasted veggies. I can add pasta with peanut sauce to make Pad Thai, make veggie soup or a veggie lasagne with pasta, ricotta cheese and bake it. The list goes on and on. Great basic recipe....the possibilities are endless!!!

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Grandmakristin May 15, 2009

How can such a delicious and easy-to-prepare recipe sit patiently waiting for over two years to be reviewed? We SO enjoyed these tonight with **Jubes**'s Marinated Lemon Lamb (Cutlets or Chops) and bmcnichol's Vegetable Couscous, and I'm looking forward to eating some of these vegetables with garlicky cream cheese in sour bread sandwiches for tomorrow's take-to-work lunch. YUM! I feel like raiding the fridge right now and eating some! I used a Greek dressing and cooked these in foil in the oven. Couldn't have been easier. Certainly a recipe I'll be making again. Thank you so much for sharing it, Katzen. Made for ZWT 5.

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bluemoon downunder May 13, 2009
Easy Roasted Vegetables