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Made this and it is so easy to make and wonderful. I doubled the recipe and cooked it for 15 minutes longer. Also did not add any Raisins. And then added more Cinnamon after it got out of the oven. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

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Kim1 January 17, 2003

If you like egg custard like I do, you will love this version of rice pudding. After reading other reviews concerning the egg, I blended the egg, milk, sugar and spices together before adding the raisins and cooked rice. I baked it in the toaster oven for the specified time, and DID NOT stir. The result was this wonderful pudding with a fine custard layer on top. Beautiful. I made half the recipe as DH doesn't care for egg custard, and used cardamom as my spice of choice. I like the flavour of this spice, but can see I would soon tire of it. I guess I'm just a cinnamon/nutmeg person when it comes to puddings. Old habits die hard. I will definitely make this version again for myself. Very easy to prepare. Made for "Spice of the Month" in the Gardening Forum.

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Diana #2 February 23, 2009

The flavor was good, but I did not like having to stir while in the oven. It must be stirred during the last 20 minutes or the eggs will make lumps. I used the cardamon spice for flavoring. The recipe yielded 4 servings. I will stay with my stovetop version, but very glad I tried the 'with' egg version. Prepared as a Participant in the February 2009 "Easy Does It" event of the Cooking Photos Forum

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Seasoned Cook February 19, 2009

I made this because I wanted to try rice pudding with egg, as opposed to the non-egg version I usually make. This was yummy, but I think I'll stick to my stove top method. I don't think I stirred it enough as I had egg chunks through it once cooked, and the cinnamon sort of cooked in a crust on top of the pudding. The flavour is still great and the mistakes were totally mine (not stirring enough etc). I am glad that I tried a baked with egg version, because now I've pinpointed what I like best! This is a nice, easy, tasty recipe, but I don't love it enough to let it replace my 'comfort food'. That being said, I'm still going to help myself to another bowl:P.

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Len23 January 18, 2006

Made this for my brother in law and he devoured it. He said it was delicious and I say, it's very simple to make!

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Hi Dee April 23, 2005

Very yummy! I made this for my husband for his birthday and he really enjoyed it. Don't foget to stir it while in the oven, otherwise you'll get lumps of egg. The recipe is very easy and will make any rice pudding lover happy.

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Sara Westhead January 20, 2005
easy rice pudding