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What a excellent recipe, super instructions and great results. I made exactly as written and it did produce a wonderful tasty loaf of bread. It was tall, flavorful and had an excellent crumb. Soft and tender bread was enjoyed by all. I still can't believe that I made this. Thanks so much for making me look good. Made for Pac Spring Safari 2013.

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Baby Kato April 14, 2013

Excellent recipe! I proofed the yeast in the low oven ( with the door open and the oven turned off-i was afraid it would be too hot) until bubbly. I then i added the oil and salt. I put the whole mix into the cuisinart food processor ( my new toy). I then added the flour a bit at a time and I let the dough blade do the rest. I let the machine knead for a few minutes. After the dough was nice and smooth and elastic, I let the dough rest until doubled( covered with a moist towel). I punched the risen dough down and kneaded lightly. I placed the loaf into a pan-my pan was a bit long and the loaf didn't mushroom a lot( on e again I covered the loaf with a towel. When risen properly- "proofed" I baked the dough for about a 1/2 hour. until a thermometer read 195 F. PS, Proofed dough means: when tested after the second rise, the dough leave a small indent that springs back over a number of seconds-it may not spring back entirely. Overproofed=leaves an impression that doesnt spring back. Underproofed=will bounce back aggressively and will not leave an indentation at all. THANK YOU ravenn2- I am trying a bunch of bread recipes and yours is wonderful

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petlover January 31, 2010

I rarely leave reviews, but had to about this bread. I even joined the site just so I could. This was one of the easiest bread recipes I have ever made. It was so good. We ate with extended family the night I made it and everyone ate the loaves before they even had time to cool. The only changes I made were to use regular All Purpose flour. (Didn't have bread flour) and I rubbed the tops with a stick of melted butter after they came out of the oven. Wonderful. Will make again and again and again.

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marykoon August 05, 2009

Really easy and foolproof recipe! I gave the landlord a loaf and it looked like I spent all day kneading and baking! This produced two beautiful loaves of very tasty, simple, bread. I used instant yeast because I was feeling a bit lazy, and it turned out stunning! Thank you for the excellent recipe! Made for PAC Spring '09.

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Katzen March 29, 2009
Easy & Quick Amish Bread