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This was amazing! It required minimal effort and the roast was so flavorful. I also rubbed it with about 6 cloves of fresh minced garlic and used beef broth instead of water. Added some baby carrots and red potatoes toward the end. Perfect sunday night dinner. This is now my go to recipe for pot roast!

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paperklutz November 14, 2011

Just made a 4 pound chuck shoulder roast following the instructions exactly, although I added 2/3 cup of water instead of 1/2 cup. Since it was on the smaller side of the recommended 4-5 pound size, I checked the doneness about 10-15 minutes early. It was pulling apart fairly easily, so I removed it from the oven, and let it sit a few minutes to rest. I had added quartered potatoes and large carrots the last hour of baking. First, I was amazed it made it's own gravy from 2/3 cups of water. I was also surprised the meat browned. (I cooked it in a medium oval Cuisinart Dutch oven). The timing was good, as the vegetables were cooked, but not overdone. The meat was easy to slice. The gravy was tasty, not salty and didn't have any overpowering taste of any of the spices. Cooking this for the first time, I only put a few sprinkles of the garlic powder and seasoning salt. The end result had two issues: First, the meat was fairly dry near the center and second, there wasn't enough gravy for leftovers - and not really enough to coat the remaining slices for moisture. I am not a gourmet cook, but someone would probably know what spices might make the gravy more savory. It was certainly a good basic flavor, regardless. More salt and pepper might be preferred by other folks, but we are watching our salt, so it was fine with us. If anyone knows how to make more gravy without compromising the taste, we would like to know. Also, if someone got a better result with more garlic powder and seasoning salt, maybe they can share the amount they used. OR If someone used another spice or bay leaf, etc, maybe that could be shared here, too. All said, this is an easy roast and would appeal to picky eaters who don't want a lot of added spices or unusual tastes with their roast. We are planning to duplicate it for a crowd this holiday season, as we have a couple of picky male eaters....don't like weird spices, etc....hopefully, this will fit the bill. The gravy is good enough to sop up with bread, so that should be a hit.

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ahejt December 13, 2015

this was super easy and incredibly delicious it took maybe fifteen minutes prep for cutting veggies and seasoning meat. so tender and flavorful. i will def be making this again it was such a huge hit!! thank you for posting.

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kimberrenee23 January 18, 2013

Like the title says: Easy. Very tasty too! Keeping this one.

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jimjam63 September 21, 2012

Loved it! I did add in 2 cloves of garlic in the beginning!

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JackieCollas September 22, 2011

I have been using this recipe forever, can't believe I never took the time to rate it! DELICIOUS! Best recipe I have ever come by, and oh so easy! Thanks so much Adam K. for sharing!

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proud2Bamommy December 08, 2010

This was awesome! Dh loved it:) I was out of onion soup mix so I put a jar of beef gravy as that is what I had. YUM

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tamaraharp March 08, 2010

This is a wonderful pot roast recipe. I made this Friday night and we enjoyed it very much. The house smelled so good while cooking , our mouths were watering. Thank you for sharing this great roast recipe.

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mommyoffour March 01, 2010

Great recipe. I even messed up a few things (forgot the onions until an hour before it was done, forgot to put the onion soup mix on until after I'd put the soup in). I had a 2.5 lb. roast, so I used 1 can of golden mushroom soup and less water. My only complaint is that the gravy was very watery, but I'm sure that's my error, as I just rinsed the soup can out and probably put too much in. I'll adjust next time. This was great over mashed potatoes.

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jodi_m February 16, 2010

This is the best pot roast I have ever had/made! If I could give this more stars I would! I had a 2 1/2 pound roast and just cut this recipe in half and I used beef stock instead of water. Also, I had the Mushroom soup with Garlic on hand. OMG I can't think of anything better! I also was in no big hurry for it to be done. I was going to be doing things around the house and I didn't want to have to stop what I was doing. I set the oven at 300 degrees and let this go for a little over 4 hours.

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lhale77 February 03, 2010
Easy Pot Roast