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Yummy waaaay better than hamburger helper but just as easy. Our 2 year old loved it, too, and he is going though a picky phase. It was nice that it made 2 pans - we had one for supper and I'm bringing one to a church potluck tomorrow. I went basically with the recipe (but I added a bit more pizza seasoning and 2 more garlic cloves) because I wanted to keep it basic for the potluck, but I look forward to trying it again for home. I'll triple the pizza seasoning, put in 5 or 6 cloves of garlic, add some spinach, and use sausage instead of hamburger (or half and half)...maybe some mushrooms and black olives. Just like pizza, there are endless options. Thank you for the recipe! I need some simple standards (my husband is the main cook around here).

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Peppermint Wind May 21, 2011

This was a huge hit with the family. I had to half the recipe and it still made more than enough for 3 hungry eaters. I added some mild italian sausage, green peppers and onions as additional toppings just like a pizza. I added some leftover pizza sauce to the sauce and my top cheese was provolone which melted wonderfully. We all agreed it was the toppings that made the dish taste like a pizza. Make sure to cook the pasta al dente. Will make this again soon and it will be my next carry in dish at work.

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jlhorn January 17, 2012

This is an extremely easy dish to make. The pepperoni on top was crispy and delicious. My only issue with this dish, and it's a slight one at that, is that the pasta underneath could use a little more pizazz for my taste. Maybe quartering up the pepperoni slices and throwing them into the pasta mixture maybe? Something that would give it a zing! There was plenty left over and my husband was able to have left overs for both a lunch a work and a snack at home over the next two days.

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lovelylaura1480 October 27, 2011

I just thought that it was okay, nothing special. Kind of like a glorified hamburger helper. :-(

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MommyJan2 December 13, 2009

Simple, easy and plentiful. I made some for me and some for the neighbors. Used regular pepperoni on the top and mini pepperoni on the inside. But the top was much tastier than the inside, so next time I'll pass on the mini pepperoni.

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Zee October 18, 2011

Is this recipe a culinary innovation? No, but it is a five star recipe because it is easy, tastes good, versatile, and appeals to a wide variety of people.
We loved it, my whole family ate it ( even the picky young ones), and I even have one to freeze. This is the kind of recipe that is wonderful to have on hand. I added green pepper and sauteed onion, and as I always doctor my canned sauce anyway, a tbsp of sugar and some pizza seasoning. Wonderful, warm, filling. Thanks!

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Retro Kali August 22, 2011

Made the full recipe in a large aluminum lasagna pan for a pot-luck, everyone loved it with very little left-over!! Used whole wheat pasta and mild Italian sausage instead of the hamburger as someone else had suggested. Also added mini-pepperonis to the noodles and mixed in and then used the turkey pepperonis over the top. Definitely a keeper and will make again for more gatherings!!

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Amy Loo September 10, 2010

YUM! I used Barilla Plus rotini, turkey pepperoni, slightly less cheese and no add oil. This was great! I halved the recipe and only baked half of that thinking it would be at least enough for 3 meals, but it was so good my husband and I finished the whole thing (1/4 of the original recipe). I used a pizza grinder spice mix with some added oregano. Next time I'll make the full recipe so I'll have some left over!

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Lemon Drop July 13, 2010

The whole family loved this!! I used ground turkey in place of the beef and also used a little cheddar in the cheese mix. The pepperoni really makes this dish! I served this with garlic bread and a tossed salad. This makes alot and generously feeds a family of six!!!

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PixiBlossom April 27, 2010

Yummy! Need I say more! I like that it makes lots...I really enjoy having a chance to freeze extra meals that are enjoyable for everyone in the house. I am a Mom with 2 growing hockey boys AKA Crazy schedules and Hungry young Men! I made 2 tradition pepperoni(lean). 2 Deluxe with Green Peppers, Mushrooms, tomatoes, lean Pepperoni and diced ham. Thanks for posting!!

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mspebblesflinstone March 13, 2010
Easy Pizza Pasta Casserole (OAMC)