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Don't let the name fool you! This is NOT your typical slice and serve cake as I assumed. It needs to be served and eaten with a spoon. I made this for a church function and almost did not take it because I was worried that it did not set up like a normal cake. However I received rave reviews. Everyone said it was delicious. Even my fiance loved it. The 1/2 cup of sugar is plenty. It was almost too sweet, so you may want to cut back a little or try Splenda. Otherwise it is was very easy to make. I will be making this again in the future.

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Cyberchef May 09, 2006

Another Kittencal success! My mother used to make this for my dad and he just loved it, she made it for most any occasion and it was always devoured warm with vanilla ice cream! Had almost forgotten about this cake but it's blueberry time so I went recipe searching to finish up last year's frozen crop! I always look at Carol's (Kittencal) recipes first, because if she posted it, you can't go wrong! Thanks so much for the trip down memory lane! YUM!

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For JT's Grandma July 27, 2012

Great take on the usual cherry pie filling version I've made for years! I love pineapple and blueberries together fresh, this cake is great! Made it both with canned filling and fresh blueberries. Fresh blueberries was better and cheaper!

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Momma21 April 14, 2011

Wow, Kittencal, you have done it again. Every recipe of yours that I have tried has been a smashing success. When I see your name on a recipe I know it's a winner. I made this exactly as you instructed although I turned my own oven down by 15 degrees as it runs hot and this cake does better with a lower rather than higher temperature. It turned out sensational, and honestly it was very difficult to stop "tasting". My concession to healthy eating was topping this with low fat ice cream! LOL! Thank you, Kittencal. Novice cooks and experienced cooks should keep this recipe in their repertoire as THE go-to for a super fast, super easy, delicious cake dessert. It's wonderful late-night eating while watching the stars at the lake house.

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csgeddes August 07, 2009

I wanted to use a cake mix that I had on hand and didn't want to just make an ordinary cake so I was looking for something different. Most of the dump cakes I found had pie filling in them and I didn't have any so when I found this one, it sounded perfect and adaptable to what I had on hand. I've never made a dump cake before and I wasn't sure what to expect. I used a bag of frozen cherries (I cut the cherries in half so they would be smaller pieces) instead of blueberries. I only had a strawberry cake mix and had to use that. I also increased the butter by about an extra 1/4 cup. This cake was so good that we couldn't stop eating it. It's so moist, juicy and delicious. I'm sure I'll be making this one again. My fiance said that I've made some good desserts but this is one of the best I've made. I think that it would be incredible served warm with ice cream on top. Thank you, Kittencal, for a wonderful and so easy recipe. I can't believe that something so easy could taste so good. I look forward to trying some other combinations.

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Sharbysyd May 15, 2009

if blueberries aren't in season i just use a 20oz can of blueberry pie filling. spread the pineapple then the pie filling then sprinkle the cake mix top with pecans increase the butter to 3/4 cup and pour the butter over the pecans..oh and don't use the sugar if using pie filling

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#1 Baker August 10, 2008

Everyone really enjoyed it. Fast, easy, and good. Thank you again for another great recipe.

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ladyautumn July 07, 2008

a great variation and use of the old dump cake recipe.

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bluebery August 10, 2007

This dump cake was very good, and I did use less sugar as suggested by the previous reviewer. I used 1/3 cup instead. It was super easy, and great served warm with whipped cream, or ice cream.

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Donna L. August 15, 2006
Easy Pineapple Blueberry Crunch Dump Cake