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Wonderful and filling! I made this this afternoon for myself(scaled it down to 1 serving), using fresh strawberries and really enjoyed the smoothie. I did use the granulated sugar as well even though it was optional. A definite keeper!

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Charishma_Ramchandani September 20, 2002

I took everyone's suggestions on board before making this. I had run out of fresh milk but had full cream milk powder. Also had left over fresh pineapple and pawpaw. I added sugar and since it was so thick I added another cup of water. My biggest change though was adding 3 eggs to the brew as I need the extra calories and protein :). The end result didn't have that milk powder taste which can really spoil the recipe and the kids really liked it too.

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Missy Wombat December 07, 2007

I'm updating my review to 4 stars because I added some extra sugar and let this sit for a bit in the fridge. The sugar helped to cover the powdered milk flavor and it dissipated a bit with time, too. The texture was just great. I don't like bananas and its hard to get a nice creamy smoothie without them or using high-fat ingredients like ice cream. I think this does get better after sitting and I still think that it needs more liquid than calls for. PREVIOUS REVIEW 1/12/05: Like the other reviewers, I scaled this down to 1 serving and used the following measurements: 3/4 cup fruit (I used frozen strawberries), 1/3 cup milk powder, 2 Tbs water (I actually used 1 Tbs water and 1 Tbs milk), 2 Tbs ice (I used 1 cube), 1.5 tsp sugar (I only used a pinch, but I wish I had used more) and 1/4 tsp vanilla. All-in-all I thought this was okay. While I did like the creamy texture, I thought that the milk powder did lend its kind of weird (IMO) flavor to this. I think it might have been better had I used more sugar to hide the milk powder flavor a bit more. Another problem I had (and the reason I feel I have to give this 3 stars rather than 4) is that, like Ladypit, I found that this did not have enough liquid to make a proper smoothie. I added an extra Tbs water and it turned out much better. I do like that this is very versitle and has a rather decadent texture without ice cream or bananas (which I don't like). I do think it could use some tweaking, but not so bad. Thanks, Anu!

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Roosie January 13, 2005

I tried this with canned/ tinned fruit and it was not very good. Also, I scaled it down (using the option) to 1 serving and it was both too small to be what I considered a serving as well as way too thick. This is a great idea for a smoothie and I think I will try it again with frozen berries, but I don't recommend the canned type of fruit!

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ladypit January 11, 2005
Easy Peasy Low-Fat Creamy Fruit Smoothie