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Oh my! This is dangerously delicious - because I'm in danger of eating it all myself in one sitting! LOL I used chocolate chips rather than bakers chocolate but otherwise followed the ingredients. It took all but about 4 whole crackers from a 408g box. I was concerned about how well the peanut butter would mix into the already prepared pudding so I whisked the p.b. into the milk then made the pudding and this worked excellently. Also, I know all microwaves are different but mine only took about 45 seconds to melt the chocolate & butter, though chips may melt quicker than squares so that could be the difference. Oh, also, 3 cups of Cool Whip is an 8 oz container. I used fat free Cool Whip, skim milk and reduced fat crackers but it was still quite rich and delicious. A tip for cutting this dessert - the chocolate gets pretty hard on top but if you use a flat metal spatula & run hot water over it to warm it up, with gentle pressure, it cuts through the chocolate fairly well; though I think I will use chocolate frosting next time for easier cutting. Thanks for the recipe Jennygal!

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flower7 June 21, 2008

I still have some in the fridge from several days ago and it tastes even better. The crackers are like super thin layers of sponge cake and the flavors from the puddings and cool whip are blended perfectly. Up until now, (I am a bit of an ingredient snob) I never thought I could get excited over over cool-whip and instant pudding, but this is one of the best desserts I have made for my family-period. Thanks SO much for posting Jennygal!

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KitchenClutter May 27, 2013

Being a diabetic, I use sugar free pudding, whipped topping and frosting. Same great taste without a lot of sugar!

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debcurlydog March 23, 2011
Easy Peanut Butter & Chocolate Eclair Dessert