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Devilishly delicious. I also spotted this in a magazine in the doctor's waiting room. I copied it down then with the intention of making it soon. Who knows how many years ago that was? It really is so easy to make and so yummy that I am kicking myself for not making it sooner. This is a great go-to recipe for a quick and tasty treat or dessert. Thanks so much for posting.

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Leggy Peggy April 24, 2011

wonderful! I used fresh passionfruit, which made the slice a little more tart then I think it would be with the canned passionfruit. I doubled everything for the 2nd slice, and we loved the bigger size.
totally loved this!!!!

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mummamills February 09, 2011

Sooo good! Very rich, so I cut them in smaller squares than usual for bar cookies. I wasn't able to find canned passionfruit, so I doubled the recipe for a 13x9" pan and used one whole package of thawed frozen La Fe unsweetened maracuya (passionfruit) pulp. Because the package of fruit was a bit more by weight than the recipe called for with the canned fruit, and because I thought the pulp might be more watery than the canned stuff, I added one egg to the filling as a precautionary binder. I really like the tartness of the filling with the unsweetened fruit; I think it cut the sweetness of the crust a bit. The crust was wonderfully chewy, too. Love these, love these, love these!! Oh, and I topped these with fresh strawberry slices, just for some extra color. Thanks for posting, I'm sure I'll be making these again! Made for The Honeys for ZWT8

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Muffin Goddess August 07, 2012

I baked this today, I love that it is egg free (I have a severe egg allergy) I am so impressed how good this is. I baked mine in an 18x28cm tin. I ran out of white sugar so mine has half white half brown. Outstanding!!!!! Made for ZWT8, The Fearless Reg Dragons.

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cookingpompom August 04, 2012

If I could give it 10 stars, I would!!! Made this for ZWT8 yesterday, and am making it AGAIN today for a dinner party. It is absolutely scrumptious and incredibly easy to make. The only change I made the second time around is to add about 2 tsp of fresh lime juice to the topping mixture - it was a tad sweet for me the first time (although I gobbled it up, LOL!).

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Jostlori August 02, 2012

This was great slice! Although does need the slightest tweaking. I would suggest using half a cup of plain flour and half a cup of Self Raising instead of one whole. When I was eating them I could still taste that slight baking soda taste the whole time. Im giving this four stars for the easiness and after the change of flours TY Jubes

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Aleigha Nicole March 17, 2011

This is just such an easy recipe.
The sweet tooths of this family absolutely loved this slice!
The ingredients except for the passionfruit pulp was on hand in the my pantry although I have 2 cans of passionfruit just begging to be used in this slice ...lol
I could not believe this was so easy with such a scrumptious outcome!
Nothing could be easier or tastier than this recipe. It was devoured by this family.
This slice will be made time and time again for this family for sure.
Thanks for sharing Jubes,

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Tisme August 16, 2010
Easy Passionfruit Slice / Bars