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Yum... this is a treat!

After making it the first time, I knew this would be a recipe we'll make again and again. I made note of a couple things to try "the next time around". We loved it the first time and even more the second.

This is what I did differently:
1) The second time, instead of using 12 rolls, I divided each of the 12 roll dough pieces into 4 and rolled each piece into a small ball. I mixed the brown sugar and pudding mix together. I rolled each ball in the butter, then in the pudding/brown sugar mixture. I added a couple more tablespoons of butter to the remaining butter, then added the cinnamon and poured it over the rolls (I didn't use cinnamon the first time, and for us, it was a necessary ingredient... a big improvement over not using cinnamon).

2) I used a metal baking pan (~9x13). This came out much better than the bundt and we really preferred it.

3) if you have a bread machine, and don't want to buy prepared roll dough, this is my roll dough recipe (we love it): http://www.food.com/recipe/best-bread-machine-roll-dough-493225

Thanks for another wonderful recipe... I have put recipes on here, and it's time consuming. How do you do so many! You are leaving your mark on the world of food and cooking. : )

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Chef TanyaW January 07, 2013

Just ok for us. I would actually give this a 2 except that it was so quick and easy to put together, so I added a star. I understand these are supposed to be sweet, but I think these could have benefited from a bit of salt with the sugar to balance the sweetness a bit. I will probably make them again given their ease, but I think I'll add a bit of salt mixed in with the sugar and try them with vanilla pudding.

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RSL January 19, 2011

these are amazing! my kids and husband LOVE it. the first time i made it, they didn't have butterscotch pudding at the store..so i got the vanilla and they turned out perfect! since then i have used the butterscotch and i really can't say which one tastes better..both are divine. thanks for posting!!

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neva-the-diva February 10, 2010

I wanted to make these Christmas Eve but didn't have access to any of my bundt or tube pans. I put 12 rolls in a 9x13 pan, and they came out just fine. They are best warm, before the sticky stuff hardens! It was a nice and easy touch for Christmas morning. Thanks Kittencal!

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Julie in SoCal December 25, 2009

oh yes!! i have used this recipe before; came from a dear friend Bev. it is wonderful. And Kittencal's recipes are fantastic, i always follow her recipes and reviews. one hint: don't let this rise too long like i did once...i must have overslept...it looked like a space alien! but seriously, this is a very nice recipe to use around the holidays when you have house guests. enjoy!

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Pat Grennan September 28, 2008

Kittencal you've done it again!! What a great recipe, will make again and again.

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ladyautumn September 08, 2008

these were not quite what i was expecting. sure, they're tasty, but just not as awesome as i had imagined. it's nice that they were so easy- but the cooking time was definitely too long. i cooked mine for only 22 minutes and my rolls were dark brown on top and some of the caramel sauce had gotten too done and got tough as it cooled enough to eat. i will make these again, but will only leave them in the oven about 17-18 minutes. thanks for sharing!

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Melanie2590 August 06, 2008

A terrific, quick and easy recipe. I love the fact that you can prep it in about 5 minutes and it rises overnight on the counter. Just pop it in the oven in the morning and it is done!

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nmj August 03, 2008

I have to admit I had my doubts. I make some mean cinnamon rolls, but the darn recipe takes half a day! This recipe was too simple not to try, just for fun. But color me surprised!! These darn rolls are great! Especially right out of the oven. I hate butterscotch pudding, but it magically combined with the brown sugar and butter and turned into something heavenly! We love cinnamon, so I used almost 1 teaspoon. (I tend to 'guestimate'.) Maybe this recipe only deserves four stars, but I gave it five because it's so quick and easy. A real plus! Sudden overnight guests? No problem! And the beauty is that these rolls must be assembled the night before. Great for those of us who don't do mornings well! I'm emailing the recipe to all my friends. Thanks!

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sara.sawright July 13, 2008
Easy Overnight Ooey-Gooey Pull-Apart Caramel Rolls